Talk comments

Thanks all for the feedback! It is very much appreciated. I've improved my talk and gave it again at the PHP UK Conference a month later, where it was received even better :-)

Anonymous at 17:21 on 17 Feb 2012

A bit late to comment, but you know how busy PHP developers are ;)

The talk was really excellent! Congrats!
I especially loved the part about the different "Sets" implementation as well as the very cool photo quiz!

Most topics are generally for beginners, it was good to see some in-depth content about PHP itself.

Well done!


I did enjoy this workshop. A nice, practical and clear approach made it all easy to understand.

A little bit late, but some comments on your talk as promised:

I'd like the photo examples a lot. It visualizes directly how the structure works internally. The visualization of the hashtable is also very nice, but you didn't spend time on the downsides (resizing/rehashing,hash collisions etc).
Not a lot of people know about the problem with spl_object_hash and possible reusage of the hash by other objects, so that's something I was happy to hear :)

Some downsides:
- Your english isn't always very clear, which might make it difficult for some people to follow.
- The splObjectStorage is perfect for using objects as sets, but the downside that it uses a lot of additional memory I didn't hear.
- When doing binary operations you assume that people know about binary operations. There might be some emphasis on how they work bitwise by showing examples on AND, OR and XOR (and also the shiftleft operator and what it does).
- The bloomfilter, although very interesting, I think it would be more a structure for a 103-talk. There are very valid reasons to use them, but i'm not sure if belong between the other structures.

All in all, I'd like the presentation a lot and even learned some new things (Derek's quickhash).

Thanx! Time to try some things out now :-)

Anonymous at 13:09 on 1 Feb 2012

Good talk, nice slides.

Nice and inspiring keynote.

Great talk!

Man, difficult to say anything that hasn't been already. Ended the conference day on a high, and the mix of acknowledging the standard PHP tools alongside some more obscure ones (like Agavi, ehehe) was a nice touch - I actually learned about a few new things. Like Thijs said, the only improvement I can think of is a bit more a tighter thread to the start.

Enjoyed the structure and pacing. Slides were fairly clear, though I personally would have gone for less text on them. Would have liked to see some more configuration examples (e.g. I've never set up Jenkins with Phing before, seeing the connection would have been useful). Seeing screenshots from real projects is cool, but maybe a mocked up project to show some more variety in the graphs/reports might have illustrated the point better. Demo's failing is always annoying, but you were prepared for it and the transition was pretty smooth. Definitely glad I made it though ;)

Rocked. My feet did get a little numb at points though... so maybe somewhere we can warm up next time, at least for a little break. Hot-tub, maybe? 8D