How To Stand On The Shoulders Of Giants


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Nice one. Very interesting, nice how you grab the attention

Good start of the conference. Collaborate is the key.

Great, inspiring talk.

It's the first time I saw Ian deliver a keynote talk. Great talk, very nice to see all the shoulders the developer community is standing on.

Very nice talk, really inspirational

Very inspiring!

Steve Jobs would have 5-star rated this talk as well.

A at 21:57 on 27 Jan 2012

Good talk, also inspirational. But shouldn't at least the keynote be unique when it comes to congresses? For me it was the second time I saw those slides.

Very nice keynote. One minor suggestion: try to keep the intro & skating part a bit shorter, for me the keynote really started to get interesting when BCPL was introduced.

Very nice and captivating presentation. Reminds me a lot of the 'emergent collectives'

I'd seen this before at PHPNW, but it is still an awesome talk! Well done.

Very well presented, but I really expected more interesting content from a talk that has previously received so much rating stars...

Awesome talk, well delivered, Ian knows how to keep it interesting at all times. Great keynote material!

Inspired talk delivered well by a gifted and experienced speaker!

Interesting start of the conference that makes you reflect and think.

Super start of PHPBenelux 2012!

great connections lay'd between all those now "mythical" persons
this is really where we come from, great :)

Great talk! Its subject fits well in the web dev era we're living in right now. Thnx

After the slow start, with a topic I don't really care about, skating, a very good keynote! Well done.

A true keynote, inspirational and very well researched. Delivered with the timing and precision of a master, very easy to listen too and relate to the topic.

Very inspirational, nice opening.

Excellent keynote. Although the ending was a bit abrupt and I personally missed a conclusion at the end. As always, very well and clearly presented.

Anonymous at 11:29 on 29 Jan 2012

Good inspirational keynote. Great start of this event.

I have to agree with the other comments: very inspirational keynote. When we use a programming language, we don't always reflect where it comes from. Every single one of us can suddenly have an unexpected impact. Great start to the conference Ian!

Fluent style and striking presence on stage which results in a truly motivational talk. Super!

A very inspirational, well structured and well presented keynote! 4 thumbs instead of 5 though because I've seen it once before, so I would have enjoyed a brand new presentation probably better.

Great keynote, very inspirational. I had seen it before, but i enjoyed seeing it again!

Inspirational and motivational, nothing more to add here! I will certainly buy the DVD of this one! Even without extra stuff added to it!

Great talk. Inspiring!

Anonymous at 09:33 on 30 Jan 2012

Interesting, thanks!

Very interesting talk. Cudos for following Hacker News!

great start of this awesome conference!

Really enjoyed this talk, and particularly liked the analogy between skate videos and programming. Ian is an engaging speaker, even on soft topics such as these. Well done!

Great talk. I had seen it at phpnw last year and it was again very inspirational.

Nice and inspiring keynote.

Great talk!