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Nice energetic talk

Nice talk, very inspiring!

Really enjoyed it

That was fun and full of promises, loved it.

nice talk, really entertaining and lots of nice stuff there

Nice talk and great speaker.

Anonymous at 20:34 on 28 Jan 2012

Inspiring, and a great speaker!

Nice funny speaker, motivational speech. You were like the Seinfeld of the conference. Hope to see the presented technologies and features on action and play woth them asap.

Anonymous at 00:32 on 29 Jan 2012

Very inspiring and fun. Filled with little bits of information which made me very curious to look up a bunch of things after the keynote. Excellent talk.

Bravo! Great closing keynote, awesome call out to the people who are making PHP awesome, very well humored but very strong message!

Nice talk, wich was very entertaining!

Absolutely entertaining, loved it!

Inspiring and entertaining talk. Good to give a shoutout to some open source contributors. But you didn't really have to make us stand up, you know ;)

You sir are one hell of an entertainer.

Inspiring, energetic and very entertaining. Kudos!

Funny and very inspiring talk, really suitable for a closing keynote. I enjoyed every bit of it.

Perfect keynote speaker! Entertaining, funny, accurate and informative all at the same time! David is a born talent and a has a striking presence on stage ... and if anything goes wrong, just blame the german :)

This is what a keynote should always be like. Always nice to see David in action :-)

Great talk, a good message brilliantly delivered.

I really loved this talk - I agree that David is a born talent and would probably also work as a stand up comedian. Just great! :-)

Awesome, fun way to end a great conference

Absolutely brilliant! Very very funny :)

"Embrace your PHP-ness". I swear it made me feel warm inside. :D

And what a great overview of new techniques. Shocking.

Anonymous at 21:20 on 29 Jan 2012

Great, funny and inspring talk!

Best closing keynote I have seen so far. I LOVED the appreciation part of it! I LOVED the bond with the audience! I LOVED the freedom. It was just an awesome talk!

Great closing keynote!

Didn't expect such an awesome finish of the conference:) Alongside this, a lot of "keywords" that worth investigating were mentioned.

Time to embracy my PHP-ness!

Really the best keynote EVER! You are a fucking rockstar. The perfect mix between a standup comedian and a tech nerd! You grabbed my attention and never let it go. Already nominated for "THE" keynote of 2012.

Really, really entertaining. No further comments.

Really liked it and laughed a lot. Brilliant :)

Great talk, great speaker, excellent closing keynote !

Hilarious and informative.

Anonymous at 11:31 on 30 Jan 2012

Very funny and amusing. Just like a closing keynote should be.

great talk with lots of laughs!

Energetic speaker, had a very important message to deliver and did so in a way where the message will sit with me for a life time

Nice job, David -- you did a great job asking key questions in a humorous and engaging way: what will we build next with PHP? and how can we leverage it in a new world of technologies that may no longer be a LAMP stack? I know I, for one, am now considering if a PHP 5.4 version of my project may be a way to push PHP forward faster.

Perfect keynote! Congratulations!

You are not only a speaker but also a comedian on stage. Great keynote, very entertaining! I loved the way you interacted with the audience and kept everyone awake. That is a special talent because I think most of us were really tired by the end of these two fantastic days of conference.

I like David, especially his charisma which stands out. Nice overview of the evolution of PHP. I also loved the humor, David could be a stand-up comedian, but without actually losing credibility as a developer.

How this talk can be improved: a bit more coherence in the different items of the presentation. And a bit more of a philosofical message would be nice, because that's what separates a regular talk from a keynote.

Good job, want to see this one evolve and definitely want to see this talk again.

Dude! You rocked the house! But I have beaten you to the punch: test-running my apps w/ php 5.4, investigating other languages and contributing back to the community. Now I only need to investigate this Travis-CI thing!

I bow to the, oh great Master!

Man, difficult to say anything that hasn't been already. Ended the conference day on a high, and the mix of acknowledging the standard PHP tools alongside some more obscure ones (like Agavi, ehehe) was a nice touch - I actually learned about a few new things. Like Thijs said, the only improvement I can think of is a bit more a tighter thread to the start.