Micro-frameworks: Why should you care?


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Missing the pro's and con's of the various PHP micro-frameworks.

Would like to see more micro framework features. Just have seen routing and escape

The first half of the talk has been a bit redundant, although the end do raise some interesting concepts ; a simple service would certainly not need a full framework to run, a micro framework would be way more suitable. As Tobias said, I'd rather had a focus on 2 or 3 micro frameworks for PHP, compare the differences and show what's reusable etc; rather than had a full history of micro frameworks, especially on non-PHP ones (not saying it was not interesting, but too much focused on it regarding the length of the talk)

Just showed routing and dispatching... I feel like there has to be more to it.

i found too much "simple" samples and not enough clarification for the WHY

is it now about reducing the "bloat", or is it just about doing something simple and if you want more, go for the full blown frameworks

I would have liked the speaker to pick one micro framework and give more detail about it. For the rest this was a good talk and an expirienced speaker

Not really convinced.. Why again should I use a micro framework instead of a 'normal' framework? Keep in mind the (steep) learning curve..

I think the whole point of reducing baggage is a very valid one. But the second generation of the "big" frameworks actually seem to have picked up on that. This talk was delivered well but the topic imho has become quite trivial.

Understandable talk

Was expecting a bit more from Fabien Potencier. The hole overview of micro frameworks could've been done in one or two slides. I think the focus should be a lot more on use cases for micro frameworks!

It had too much information easily fond on search engines.
Seeing the hello world for so many frameworks was not interesting
Maybe the subject is not broad enough to talk for 1 hour about it, but I was expecting more insights about use cases and Fabien experiences

Anonymous at 23:53 on 28 Jan 2012

Was also expecting a bit more from Fabien Potencier. Hearing a lot of positive things about you, but the presentation went slow and needs a lot of more jokes to keep people stay awake.

Bit slow presentation, but at the end I had a bit more understanding about the use case for microframeworks.

Anonymous at 21:19 on 29 Jan 2012

At first it seemed like you were working up to making some good points, but there were none. Just a bunch of arrogant notions and a boring set of hello-worlds. Fabien, take your audience seriously!

Slow presentation, with strange examples. Why compare two things, and then load an extra "helper" in one of them, instead of using built-in functionality? It makes the code less easy to compare, and keeps the focus away from the interesting stuff.

There were lots of names in this presentation that I will look up, but the presentation itself was more about the why micro-frameworks were created in the first place, not about why one could/should use them. No comparison between those interesting names, no showing why and what they are doing wrong or right, and no answering the question where and when to use them, nor if it is at all a good or bad thing to use them.

I have to say that this seemed more of a philosophical talk about PHP itself, topped off with a hint of being demotivational to even try to share your own less complex code that could resolve a small problem and could be used in an easily reusable way.

As for Fabien however: great and calm speaker!

Understandable and clear talk but way to general. Did not get a true answer to the question: Why should I care?

It started of with a basic introduction but never really got to the second part, expected a more in depth explanation and examples.
Also I thought it was kind of ugly and there's nothing to gain from making the assumption someone else couldn't write a descent framework.

the talk was a bit slow, and I personally missed the reason why I should use a micro framework instead of a normal framework or some other available packages.