The lust for knowledge and experience


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Some great points and a lot of stuff to think about

some hints for future presentations, try to speak more fluent, less in small bits and pieces

Great talk, fantastic subject. Well explained and usable in a lot of company. You could add the difference between a "senior" and a master to avoid that question later on

Good information for managers i think. The speaker should get more experience in giving talks in English, need to go more fluent and not one monotone talk

The idea of a knowledge matrix was new to me and is a really good idea. Just try to speak more english presentations

Very clean and effective slides. Picked up some useful bits and there were some nicely explained concepts too. However, saying it was your first big talk at the start would have been more helpful, as the delivery needed some improvement but because the rest was so smooth I didn't realise.

It probably couldnt hurt to get some more presentation skills :-), not that Im that great, I know its hard. But the thrive just to stand there and just do it deserves some respect for sure!
About the subject; I missed some indepth information, but enough to get me thinking about it, thnx

The presentation was bad, maybe because he was too nervous.

The content was superficial I would love a more in depth approach and more tips based on personal experience.

It would be nice to back the number with the source of the statistics otherwise it looks like you are inventing them

Anonymous at 00:27 on 29 Jan 2012

I have seen some of the topics of this talk put into use in different companies. But this is the first time I have seen them all grouped together. Very useful overview. The speaker's english is a bit hard to follow at times.

Good content, speaking skills made it sometimes hard to follow. However respect you try it, just keep doing it, and eventually you will get better!

Very interesting and effective talk. Nice overview of potential problems and solutions for them, so you could figure out if you're doing something wrong. Didn't mind the nervousness.

Thanks for the feedback people. This was my first large scale talk and the nerves caught me the moment i set foot on the stage, making my English truly bad. But i did it and hopefully get the chance to continue.

Even though this was my first talk i must say i really appreciated you as an audience, having patience and respect for the one on stage! Kudo's to you all!

Clearly very nervous, which is normal for your first talk. Lacked some in-depth and found the presentation to be repeating itself a bit too much. The questions were answered quite superficial.

I think it is very useful to have talks about the way knowledge can be shared within an organisation and this presentation got me and my colleagues thinking for sure.

However we don't agree with the approach brought forward in this talk. The master-apprentice-pupil distinction seems artificial and not workable in practice, since knowledge is to very much distributed. A beginner may have some PHP 5.4 knowledge that a 10-year experienced developer may not yet have. It's not like everyone reads the same few books in the same order. In these days where a developer needs to know a little bit about everything there are hardly any 'masters' around.

In a conversation we had it was brought up that giving a newcomer the chance to experiment and fail, and to have him try new things that no-one has done before will give him a sense of pride and make him productive very quickly. This should go hand-in-hand with good documentation of the products that the company makes and some links to documentation of third-party tools that the company uses.

About the presentation: it needs to be improved a lot (not that I could do it better myself, mind you). Talk to others about presentation techniques. Add some funny slides in the beginning to warm the audience up a bit. Move around some more. Good luck!

Patrick, thank you for your feedback.

To bad my talk does not match your opinion. Just want to make sure you understand the main focus of the talk.. that sr - jr should not be enforced and that experience can not be a measurement of knowledge.

See you around in other conferences, i hope we'll get to talk and share opinions, for the M-A-P setup has worked in my past years of work.

Your presentation skills do need some practice, but in time practice makes perfect. The subject and the content of the talk were perfect. This subject should be covered more on PHP conferences as it is an totally underestimated issue. Would like to see a more in depth sequal sometime (maybe phpbnl13?).

Amazing idea for a talk. Great slides, very professional. As Rowan mentioned, if Marcel would mention it was his first public talk, he expectations would be different. You could tell he was very nervous and the language barrier was a problem. With a bit more practice it will go much better in the future. The only thing I would advice is if you don;t feel comfortable about the content, it'd be better to stay behind the machine and make use of presenter notes to make the talk more fluent. Apart from that, great job and keep talking!

Interesting topic for a PHP conference. The content was good, slides were clear and good looking. I hope your talk will raise awareness for developers of all skill levels. Sharing knowledge is important to grow.

It was great to see an old colleague talk about a subject that we've experienced both as a senior and junior. I could tell that you were nervous by the way you were speaking, but as a first talk at a conference of this size, I'd say you did a pretty darn good job!

Keep practicing, and I hope to hear more talks of you in the future! :)

Although the presentation could have been a bit better (and you will get better) I definitely picked up some nice things to take home.
Much respect.

Speaker was way too nervous, although he started well, it got worse during the talk
Slides wear clear, but presenter looked like he was repeating himself a lot
Didn't agree on all the concepts and found a lot of things to be more of a "d'uh, of course you do things like that, who doesn't" kind of nature
There's a lot to be set about this subject, but I think the speaker and presentation have room for progression and could be improved

There wasn't a lot of new things in the talk, but this is an important topic and you gave a good overview. ItÅ› good to be reminded of it.

I agree with the speaking comments: try to talk more fluently, the "staccato" way of talking during the presentation wasn't always nice to listen too. But I guess this is down to practice and the language barrier. Hope you get the chance to practice more often, you did a great job on stage!