What did you like about this event, and what do you think could be better for the next time? Leave your feedback to help the organizers know what you liked, and what could be improved on.


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Each year, this conference keeps getting better and better. Some interesting and new speakers this year. Never thought I'd learn so much, after all these years of going to conferences. A lot of emphasis is put on the socials. I like having fun, but it just felt a little bit over the top.

The CfP team did a great job selecting talks. There was a good balance between pure PHP talks and talks about additional tools (logs, stats, docker, ...). Great job!

The uncon was a great addition to this year's conference. On Friday evening I checked the uncon schedule for Saturday, and I was surprised to see so many speakers had also claimed an uncon slot. Would have liked to see some more new people presenting in the uncon.

Keep up the great work!

Amazing may not be a good enough word to describe this conference. Great selection of talks, great social events (bumper cards, really? What's next guys!), the expo hall was very well organized. A radio on site, awesome!

Some things to improve:
- the addition of the shuttle is a great improvement from my past experience, the schedule could have been a bit better.
- Having to stay in a remote hotel quite far away makes the whole experience a bit less perfect. It would be great if the event would take place where more hotels where in walking distance. I know this has been considered and would be great to finally see something. I realize that another venue would not accommodate something like the bumper cars. I wish the Ter Elst hotel would have more rooms!
- Fries are so good that should be available both nights!
- The conference being 1 day and 1/2 feels a bit short. :)

I love how you treat speakers and sponsors, other conferences need to take note and do it your way.

Keep up the amazing work!

Once again an awesome edition. This was my 4th year and I've never seen PHPBenelux so packed. Ter Elst is gonna get too small at this pace!

The level of speakers was amazing once again this year. I've seen many interesting talks and learned a bunch.
Socials were great. Food was good, thank you so much for providing much choice for vegetarians! The crew did an amazing job on organising everything perfectly.

Can't wait until next year!

What a crazy conference this was! Bumper cars were crazy, the people were crazy, several people brought cards against humanity. Sponsors were awesome, I love Josette from O'Reilly being there as well. Content was good (though I had the weird feeling I'd seen a lot of talks before. Could be because I attend way too many conferences). It was good to finally see an uncon, although I was a bit bummed that I wasn't approached for that given I'd been suggesting it for the past couple of years. Catering could've put a bit more effect in vegetarian food options. It wasn't bad, but I've seen better at PHPBenelux in previous years. But seriously, all in all, such a crazy, epic, wonderful, fantastic, legendary conference this was...

This conference is always fantastic, but yet again the crew managed to surprise me! From bumper cars, to a new venue for the expo hall; from live radio via the dutch web alliance to dinner at the Atomium for the speakers. The conference has the most heart of any I've attended, and does a phenomenal job of ensuring sponsors, speakers, and attendees are well cared for and get the most out of the two days.

Best event ever participated!

That was just AWESOME :-)

The only remaining thing to improve is the raffle.

Every year I attended this conference it keeps on getting better!

Some minor feedback:

One thing that wasn't very clear at the beginning of day 2 was where to get your badge. I saw some confused people standing at the empty stand in the main building. Also the coffee apparently was over there (on Friday morning it also was served at the main building).

In the room of the Codeception workshop, the power supplies could've been distributed a little bit better. (Fortunately there were not too many people in the room)

As always: Great jobs guys. I love your passion for all the minor details. As I already said, you raised the bar once again.

Will be back next year for sure!

Jay! Very cool conference as always. See you next year!

Great confererence, I really enjoyed it. The talks were interesting but also: 100 points for the bumper cars (the only one who does not agree with this is my back...)

Awesome conference! Enjoyed every second of it.
Great speakers, great talks, great socials, great organizers.

The shuttlebus could be improved, but I'm still very happy they provide the service to begin with!

See you next year!

Truly a great event. Really enjoyed myself, learned a lot, made new friends, met lots of existing friends, got some speaking experience in the UnCon & had lots and lots of fun. Thank you everyone involved in making this happen. 5/5

Something to improve upon:
- Bus schedule was not good. 8:45 from Scandic was too late. Arrived late for the first session on both mornings. 7:45 is also not good because then you have to wait there for an hour doing nothing when you anyways get too little sleep... Why not 8:35 for example?
- The closing remarks/raffel was a little bit better than last year, but could still be improved. A little bit too much running around...

Anonymous at 09:33 on 27 Jan 2014

One of the best conferences I attended so far and not only due to the bumper cars! :)

Get's better every year.

Nice line up with interesting talks. Great socials. Food and drinks were ok too. Nothing to complain about, looking forward to next year already,

This conference was absolutely awesome! Great speakers, perfect organization and friendly people all over the place! And of course the bumper cars.

as always the whole thing rocked :-)

maybe it would be nice to send rejected cfp people your feedback by default so thay can improve their submissions and learn what they did wrong submitting a talk.

and if a rollercoaster is not feasable, a karting track would be nice :-)

maybe it might be an idea to bring people together by interest? where you could start conversation abou a topic and everyone intereste can join and discuss? how to do it?

+ Great talks
+ Great atmosphere
+ Lunch was fantastic
+ Great social
+ Good location

5 stars any day

Some possible improvements:
* a cool closing keynote would have been nice (but attending Sara's talk felt like a closing keynote anyway);
* I thought the closing remarks and raffle were a bit messy;

I have taken so much home from this conference. Both from the talks and from the interaction with the attendees and speakers. Great experience. Where can I put the stars? (5)

A star for the socials.
A star for the catering.
A star for the bumper cars.
A star for the variety in topics.
A star for the people behind it.

Looks like a 5-star conference!

Anonymous at 10:54 on 26 Jan 2014

Truly unbelievable. I hear that to top this next year the crew are building a custom roller coaster around the venue.