Talk comments

Great talk. It was clear that Gary spent a lot of time preparing and researching for this talk.

This was overall a good talk containing some very great tips around dependency injection.

My only criticism is that I felt like the talk content was a bit forced to fit the title. Some of the "sins" were spot on, but others weren't quite as clear for me, or seemed to be repetitive of previous tips.

This was a great talk presented by an excellent speaker. The introduction to DDD, CQRS, etc were very clear and easy to understand. The examples were very appropriate and easy to digest as the talk progressed.

Rowans talks are always entertaining, while I had a lot of fun listening to this talk - Always great with framework bashing it's the first time I walk out from one of Rowans talks without knowing what the actual point was.

Started with basic details, went more complex and explained the support in different PHP versions. Amazingly well done with information that sticks. Certainly one of the best talks I saw at the conference: Thank you! :)

Great! Yes, testing makes sure you don't break stuff... I feel that maybe there could be some win in this talk by having some snippets prepared, saving time and getting more information into it, also the presenting style might have been a bit monotonic. Other than that - Great and educative, I got a lot out of it, thanks!

Great talk, since there was some time over I would use that time to add some information to newcomers to vagrant and virtual machines, other than that GREAT AND OMG THE SLIDES ARE SO AWESOME!!! I would recommend practising the talk before giving it to someone who can correct certain pronunciations, even though most of them were fine <3

Great inspirational keynote, I've seen this talk in another form before, I did like the kitten pictures, some people have not seen star wars after all (OMG YES I KNOW TERRIBLE). Great presenting style with personal tidbits making it a nice story all trough the talk.

Nice introduction! Basics of CMF and PHPCR were explained in a clear way.

Side note, for me it was ideal that there was more demo than hands-on, but I think full-time developers would like more

A bit naive in the "move away from legacy code" bit, but a talk that made sense throughout. Very interesting stuff.