Hacking with HHVM


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Great presentation, love the passion ;)

Learned a lot. Was not bored, but educated. Liked it.

Engaging. Excellent review of HHVM.

Not quite what it said on the tin, but none-the-less an interesting, engaging and entertaining session.

Loved the HACKing!

Good overview of what HHVM has to offer

Wow, so much enthusiasm and so much knowledge. 5 stars any day..

Learned a lot and i'm really triggered to give HHVM a go soon.

Awesome talk. Nothing more to add here I guess.

Great enthusiasm and it was great to see someone with that much knowledge speak.

interesting to see what to expect from hhvm,what it can do and where it adds new cool things. loved the total honesty about what sucks at the moment and what it does massively good right now.

since you said only five stars else dont bother, 4

A really excellently delivered talk! Very informative and entertaining at the same time. Some of the stuff is really interesting, especially the performance and trying to improve the "official" PHP along. Less sure about HACK (why not go for real Java?) and really not convinced by XHP. But because of the idea, not because of how it was presented.

Anonymous at 09:51 on 27 Jan 2014

This talk made me laugh harder than anything at the conference, Sarah brought some really great content along with very natural delivery. And when a "half-question" from the audience got tossed at her, she spun it into a hilarious 7 minute digression that still felt like part of the talk. It doesn't hurt that the tool itself is awesome as well, would love to see the talk go even deeper. Just please be more careful on stage. :)

Very interested and passionate talk! Looking forward to trying some stuff with HHVM!

Really enjoyed the talk! Definitely got inspired to checkout HHVM (and Hack).

But next time, you better watch where you're walking ;)

Very good delivery of an interesting topic/tool!

Superb talk. Great way to end conference. Not only I liked to learn about HHVM, but it was pleasure to watch how you present things. I think this was most funny presentation of all. The way how you get out of unplanned situations is simply amazing.

In the past couple of months I noticed more and more talk about HHVM. As the title was about Hacking with HHVM I thought this was a good talk for my (drained) energy level at the time.
Actually this was a good choice as my attention was immediately drawn and kept throughout the presentation. Nice one!

Excellent content and speaker! :)

Great talk! Interesting topic.

Yeah. Hm. I do like WordPress. But I know you're simply very knowledgable and clever. You might not even read this ever. What can I say? I was both to tired and distracted to really pay attention. Shame on me, because from what I *did* see I think HHVM has the potential to be what Microsoft would call managed php. I wonder if I would manage to install it on a vagrant box for example. I'll put it on my todo list. Anyway, I'll also give you five stars, because that seems to be the general opinion here and you were entertaining and technically awesome. But the WordPress pun hurt a bit. Not that anyone cares. But yeah, still. You did put that really nicely though. Not to say it sucks, but call it 'creative'. Well done, thank you.