Talk comments

Georgiana gave great talk. For such massive use case, she presented a lot of information and some great tips. Unfortunately, sound quality was very ppor, but that's not her fault ;)

Presentation just superficially touched main topic. I waited for some deeper analysis.

I really enjoyed this one. Even if it's nothing new, it was so humorous! Also, paper cup real-life example was really eye-opening.

My favorite from PHPCon. Well prepared presentation (with beautiful slides :D). Event sourcing explained in easy-to-understand way.

Well done workshop. As a beginner in TDD I understood all processess and logic behind it. Everything right-in-time.

I agree with followers about live coding, but very good explanation about event sourcing. It was good inspiration to start using events in my projects.

Nie byłem na prezentacji ze względu na fakt, że platformę wykorzystujemy w firmie, ale gorąco polecam wszystkim ze względu na dosyć szeroki wachlarz jej możliwości. Integracja z zewnętrznymi systemami przez zaawansowane API po prostu bajka.

Filip Fałek at 00:48 on 25 Nov 2015