Best Practice in API Design


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Overview of the principles of API design, with good hints on good and bad practices

Thank you for this interesting and re-opening mind talk!

Very nice and to the point.

Interesting talk and very well paced and organized. Thanks for the tips on my next API implementation.

Great speaker, the talk was incredibly informative, and tips given were excellent

Nice talk! The hints are very helpfull for avoiding common mistakes

Great presentation with clear emphasis on the things that really matter regarding designing an API. Good use of language, slides, examples and own opinions. Many thanks!

very inspiring and well presented, given many useful concepts to deepen into in a small amount of time. glad to attend it

very good presentation style and a relevant topic. a tad more practical examples could have made it more understandable for those not too familiar with the topic.

A collection of best practices, but not deeply motivated

one of the best talk of phpday 2012. Relevant topic and excellent presentation.

Nice talk presented from a great and passionate person.

Excellent talk, excellent speaker. A good overview on API design.

Great speaker with great content.

Would like to see panel with David Zuelke on this subject since there were few totally opposing views on the same suggestions

Great speaker. Interesting talk.

Good talk. And great speaker.

Great talk which was excellently presented.

Great pacing, good content selection, lots of solid points and coving all promised bases.

The talk felt like it was well practiced down to the intonation and fine grained pacing.

The content was really solid with enough personal opinion and disclaimers to give the audience a very well rounded package covering all the important points and pitfalls.

the best woman talker

Very well presented. Maybe information was not as detailed (technical) as i would wanted, but i liked this session a lot.

Great talk, kept my attention full time! Lorna is fun and awesome, she had my full attention all the time and really gave me some new insights in simplicity of our work. Thanks!

Anonymous at 16:10 on 24 May 2012

very good presentation, and the best speaker