What they didn't tell you about object-oriented programming in PHP


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Anonymous at 15:32 on 18 May 2012

The description didn't really reflect the actual presentation. There was some interesting things mentioned, but mostly it was about the person's own thoughts. Many of the thoughts may be good in theory, but would cause a lot of problems. That wasn't mentioned.

I'm pretty sure the issue of "fake" oop programming is under estimated.

The talk faced the current state of art of OOP in PHP, what you can do, how you should or shouldn't use it and why.
A good spreading of worldwide accepted concepts of OOP for an audience that too many times limits itself to poor procedural scripting.

Not a bad talk on the OOP principles in general. Examples might have been a bit more "meatier" and would be nice to see comparative examples in few languages

I've seen much damage done by things addressed by Giorgio, so hopefully presentations like this can increase awarness. In order to make it more appealing to people not familiar with this, it might've been useful to be more verbose on reasons behind suggestions. Cool, inspirational talk nevertheless.

Great talk! Thanks Giorgio

overall nice talk, raised some interesting points about oop in general.

Anonymous at 12:15 on 19 May 2012

The talk was tagged as 'intermediate', but it was for beginners indeed.
Furthermore, some of the assertions were absolute and not contextualized: not pragmatical at all.

really important subject and well founded arguments for oop. i disagree that this talk was for beginners. when you do some sort of oop, it makes a lot of sense to challenge again how you do it and if you do things "right".
the title was a bit misleading, evocing the wrong expectations for me. i would have liked some discussion of the limits, performance gotchas or such - the presenter proposed oop in a very absolute way.

As it was said, for many assertions the speaker didn't explained pros and cons. It was only a list of good practice and some or them are questionable. I wold have preferred a shorter list of arguments discussed more deeply

Good talk, a more complete example about assigning responsability to objects would have been really appreciated

Tagged as intermediate instead of beginers, description misleading

Anonymous at 09:23 on 21 May 2012

Next time add more examples. Good Talk.

It was an interesting talk. I didn't feel like it was for beginners since it's always good to be sometimes reminded of what the basic principles actually are.
More examples from existing OSS projects would have been helpful.