Talk comments

Alessandro Lai at 19:04 on 8 Sep 2020

Very nice history lesson that rolls back to PHP; everything was very well connected together.

Alessandro Lai at 18:41 on 8 Sep 2020

Really nice presentation style, and really good job on simplifying the concepts and the live demo to be understandable by everyone.

Good presentation, I have really appreciated the simplicity and the live examples. Hope to explore ReactPHP as soon as possible. And ReactPHP stickers look cool!

Alessandro Lai at 17:06 on 8 Sep 2020

The topic may seem simple, but the talk was very interesting and in depth; plus, enduring the technical difficulties awards for some additional commendations!

Jo Carter at 16:51 on 8 Sep 2020

Despite the technical diffculties that was an awesome talk. So interesting to see the uses of Iterators to make code much more readable.

Jo Carter at 16:03 on 8 Sep 2020

Excellent. Plus good use of subtitles. Though I was amused by CFS and PDP ;)

Alessandro Lai at 15:59 on 8 Sep 2020

Very great content, and very well presented! The captioning was the cherry on the cake!

I won't be a Shakespeare and will say only.... amazing :)

Brilliant Talk!!! Clear and interesting explanation.