Talk comments

Jason at 22:33 on 17 Aug 2018

Great talk about Webpack Encore!

Jason at 22:28 on 17 Aug 2018

This was a good talk on dependency injection with solid examples.

Jason at 22:27 on 17 Aug 2018

This was a good introduction to Docker. Thank you!

Not Sally at 13:03 on 15 Aug 2018

It's taken me a couple of weeks to get the courage to enter this. Since the speaker is such a powerful person in the community, I wasn't sure I would have the nerve to do it.

I enjoyed the speaker's wrap up of the conference until about ten minutes in, when she took off her jacket and was wearing a "Resist" T-Shirt. I thought maybe I did not see it right, but that is what it said. From that point on, I felt uncomfortable she had turned a great conference into a hostile environment for me. I don't remember anything she said after she did that. I would have gotten up right then and walked out but I was afraid that Margaret might call me out.

I suppose that Twilio is OK with her alienating half the audience. I will say this for sure, if this speaker is involved in next year's event in any way, my team will not be back. We don't need to support events that aren't going to create a safe space for everyone.

One good thing did come out of this though. We were trying to decide whether to implement Twilio or another vendor. Twilio is so well liked that we had already decided. After discussing this event with my team, we decided to look at other vendors.

Saresa Smith at 10:37 on 1 Aug 2018

Clear intro to Webpack, nice presentation!

Ryan is very enthusiastic, which makes his talks fun to experience! I really appreciated his use of a shared document where he would type basic text and code as we went through. It made it much easier to follow along! I had never coded in PHP before and I still had pretty much no problem keeping up!

I hadn't heard of OSMI before this conference. I'm really glad I saw this talk!

Getting up in front of a bunch of strangers and discussing mental health seems really intimidating, so I appreciate you doing it!

As a new developer I felt that this talk gave me examples of small, actionable steps I can take to contribute to the Open Source community, even without having a lot of previous knowledge!

Philip Sharp at 20:28 on 29 Jul 2018

Important information for people who work with the internet (all of us!). The flow seemed to wander a little and maybe tighting it up would allow more time for things like sockets.

Philip Sharp at 20:23 on 29 Jul 2018

A fascinating deep dive to the low layers of lies, then building it back up and bringing all together. Clear explanations and easy to follow. The difference between container types was new to me too.