Don't reboot, debug!


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Well delivered once on the mic!

Really good as both a refresher, and some new things to play with in the future. Very enjoyable speaker, and great content.

Good introductory talk - i'd love to see a more advanced in-depth talk, too ;-)
Joshua is a very entertaining speaker.

Entertaining speaker with an important lesson!

Very entertaining, some new tools, and a good reminder of things I'd forgotten!

Good talk, missed some real hands on examples but gave some very nice advice I can use in real-life situations.

Good talk, liked the examples of tools you gave, would have like to have seen more about DTrace, other than that a good presentation :)

Good talk and examples, a bit more indepth next time would be amazing, quite entertaining too!

My notes:

It felt a bit fast to me, but I was right at the back of a log narrow room, and the talk was outside my normal area of expertise.

A very entertaining talk with some good points. As a dev/ops/sysadmin I often find myself diving into a live web server attempting to identify the causes behind a slow or dead site. The linux 101 was good and highlighted some great tools and processes.

Well done!

A good introduction to on-the-fly debugging. I learned a lot, which I plan to put into practice next time one of our webservers runs into trouble.

well delivered, covered some of the basics which I thought I knew well but have missed some minor but things that were essential to a good understanding.

Joshuas talk I felt aimed at those with better server admin skills than I possess, but terms and tools that I'd not heard before, I managed to understand likely due to Joshuas thorough explanations. I came away a little more informed about the tools I can use as a developer to debug my applications.

I feel that this is something that all developers should understand but I have to confess until now I had not bothered to pay attention to it much myself.
A very well delivered and entertaining talk with an important message.
I gained a lot from this and will pa more attention to the underlying system in the future. We can all reboot a server but a server should not really need rebooting!

Nice talk, the first time Joshua talk and he came across as a happy chap, which made the talk quite a relaxing look at some of the more complex tools we use.

Helpful overview of a whole load of things. Not really what i expected from the title. Best bits were the overview of linux and the associated tools. I think it probably tried to take on too much and consequently felt a bit rushed.

Anonymous at 10:44 on 8 Oct 2012

Nice talk. Many details that I was not aware of before.

Great talk really informed me on how to go about debugging a server and find out whats really happening. I'm guilty of rebooting the server no longer.

A talk with an important lesson, a great overview of sysadmin monitoring/logging/debugging tools and a very entertaining speaker. Thumbs up.

Anonymous at 17:54 on 8 Oct 2012

Good looking at some of the more low level debuging tools. I agree with the general premise that its allways better to fix the root cause of an issue.

Good overview of some useful sys tools.

What I like most about the talk is that it refreshed my memory on somethings I already knew but hadn't used in a while. I used strace this week to debug a problem but might not have thought of using it if I hadn't attended the talk. The talk had really good content and covered key areas that can assist any php developer. I Enjoyed the bit of humour thrown in to.

A good overview to a topic that is somewhat outside my usual area, though I did need to use some of these tools just the week before!
The presentation style was good, entertaining and approachable to what could be quite a dry subject. I have no doubt I'll refer to my notes for some of these tools in the future!