React: Event-Driven PHP


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As a newcomer to react php it was great to know about the library and some basic examples of it working.
Shame there's not more working examples out in the wild.

Good clear speaker and slides.

Answers to questions a bit weak.

Interesting talk by someone who obviously knows their subject. I can see where the technology may be useful in my own projects. It could do with some real world examples.

Awesome, informative, hilarious at points, and overall much more entertaining than I expected!

Pretty good, very funny, but could have done with more 'real world' examples and applications.

A wonderfully informative and well-delivered talk. Would love to see more examples but as an introduction to the library itself this was great.

Nice intro, good to see php can be used for non traditional php stuff. Entertaining speaker!

Presentation was a blast and covered quite a range of topics.

Great presentation, could have done with some more real world examples / case studies, but entertaining and informative.

Would have been great to see some real implemented uses for it, otherwise it was good too watch (even if I din't get the starting joke for about 5 minutes :) )

It was a talk for someone that is new to React, the jokes were great and well placed to split up the content. The examples are great but real world user examples would be good to see. The speaker does need to work on answering the questions a bit better but still work top marks!

Great talk, talented guy - watch out for him!

Igorawsome talk dispelling some of the ill-founded myths surrounding event driven apps in PHP.

Well presented, humour was very appropriate to the target audience, amazing potential to be realised through React.

I really enjoyed Igor's style and the context of Valve's world tickled my gaming geek fancy.

I've not touched Node.js, so this was quite a tricky subject to really "get" - some more real world examples as we went along would have greatly helped I think. When I think of event-driven software, I think in terms of things like "onClick" and "onClose" handlers, but if that's what Igor was driving at, I didn't pick up on it. Maybe I was thinking of the wrong sort of events, in which case a clearer explanation at the start would be great.

Igor's clearly a smart guy who knows his stuff, making for a really credible presentation.

Enjoyable talk, it has given me lots to think about.

Wow I have a lot of catching up to do.

Thanks for opening up my eyes, appreciated the subtle humour too.

This guy is talented, humorous and has given the PHP Community a stick to hit Javascript developers with when they mention how great Node.js is.


Entertaining talk, had me laughing, and also informed me about php's retort to node.js.

Great introduction to React, something I've been aware of for a while, but not taken the time to look at in any kind of detail.

Igor was also funny, which adds nicely to an informative talk.

Interesting, well delivered, funny. Given straight, without arrogance or claiming to be something it's not.
One of my favourite talks of the conference.

Cool stuff. Crazy - but cool! :-)

Hey Igor,

Arguably the best or second best prepared talk of the entire conference (that I went to). When watching a talk you can tell how prepared someone is, execution was perfect I felt.

Your use of humor was perfect, not too much that people got distracted by it, and not too little that people switched off.

Coming from someone that already checked out the project in advance, I still learned a few things.

Constructive feedback:
What would be beneficial to other people would be the system requirements to run React on their server. Also it would be good to see benchmarks with installing the extensions to see how much of a benefit it is, and how fast you managed to scale React to.


Came to the talk thinking "what the actual ... is this", left with a blown mind. This has to be the most interesting PHP project at the moment :)

I'll confess to being very disappointed with this talk. It felt like significant parts were taken up by slides of twitter reactions to React, community response, and how none of it mattered, rather than showing us all the cool things that can be done with this great project.

Some examples or even live demos of the tech in action would have been brilliant. I really wanted to see it in action. Unfortunately what we had was a brief display of code for a ChatRoulette-style app, and an example of how to pipe text from one file to another.

I think the project could have great potential, but as a first impression of it, I've been pushed away.

This was a really confident and polished talk by someone who is clearly very knowledgeable and passionate about his subject. It was very interesting, but was let down by a lack of real world examples.

For me personally, this was en eye opener. Igor has built up quite some reputation and the stuff he does is somewhat avantgarde. The talk is a perfect example of that.

For me, this was the best talk on the schedule. But I noticed people would like some more real world examples. I agree, so please work on that soon, there are conference organizers "watching" ;-)