The Art Of Application Logging


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Really enjoyed this talk. Good overview, nice demo's to show how things actually work.

Really good talked, I enjoyed it a lot and the live demo's were brave and Ben managed to pull it off well

Interesting look at logging systems. It was brave to do live demos, but they seemed to work out pretty well. However, it would have been nice to have a much larger font so people at the back could read it! I found it useful to think about graphing log data – might have to find a way to integrate graphite + StatsD into the infrastructure at my company.

Extremely well presented talk on logging. Ben knows his content, was rehearsed and provided an entertaining and informative talk.

Really handy information and well presented.

Well structured and presented. Excellent

You could tell a lot of effort had gone into it.

Ben thoroughly explained why logging is essential and covered some basic logging implementations, before jumping into Monolog and various tools that can be used to collate and report from various logs.
Although this was great at a high level, I think it would have been good to cover some specific examples (or patterns and best practices)
of when and where to put logging calls in code.
It would also have been good to show examples in tools other than Monolog, perhaps as a comparison.

Great talk, and very informative for developers of all experience levels. As others have mentioned, the live demos went smoothly, and the presentation was clearly well planned and rehearsed.

Well presented, informative and great live examples made it one of my favourite talks of the weekend. I was already looking into logstash and this made me want to use it even more, awesome presentation!

Really good talk, I learned something I will be implementing in my company tomorrow. Any chance of uploading the slides please Ben?

Really nice talk, Ben's very confident in a good way, everything he presents is clear and concise.

No real criticisms of the talk, though it would have been better if Ben hadn't had to rush the last few slides due to time constraints. Perhaps the most basic code samples could simply have screen shots, switching to live demos for the more complex or powerful examples could save a little bit of time.

First off, sorry for my phone going off mid talk!

Other than that, a great introduction to how and why you should log in detail that I definitely want to apply to our codebases.

Thanks for your comments guys. Here is a link to the slides on slide share: and the code on github:

David White and Dave Marshal: I think your feedback compliments each other. Perhaps less time on the more basic examples and more time showing a real example (before looking at the aggregation tools) would be a good change.


Quality and entertaining talk with lots of nice tips & excellent code examples. Many thanks.

Great talk on a topic I really needed some knowledge on, tips on tools to use and things to log to gain visibility in production and during development. The flawless live demos were a good edition too. Would have been nice to see some more examples of what to log in a large application.

Delivered well, I particularly liked the advice to include a transaction id so it's easier to trace the full debug route.

Anonymous at 11:42 on 9 Oct 2012

Very good talk, well done!

A superb talk on a oft-forgotten subject. Ben was a clear and confident speaker who took great risk to show multiple real demos that helped to give the talk a practical feel (even though the demos were basic and could easily have been shown as slides of results). The second half of the talk which moved on to business event logging and aggregation was slightly rushed but was still pretty clear and I came away with lots of ideas and enthusiasm for the subject - given we are talking about logging here I'm very impressed!

Thank you for some practical insights! After your talk I felt that I have to improve my own logging ;)

Probably my favourite talk of the weekend.
I have been looking into logging recently and it was very beneficial for me to see how others were doing it. The live demos were good and it was more interesting than just following slides. Lots of good content and I will be looking into many of the things mentioned in this talk.

A great talk given by a great presenter. Who knew application logging could be so interesting? I've taken a lot away from this talk.

Good talk. I liked the well thought out examples.