For April we're heading online for our first virtual meetup.

Wednesday 8th April 2020

Type Integrity: The Software Engineering Behind Stricter Typing
Talk by Stu Herbert (45 minutes)

Back in January, PHPSW had two great talks from Rob Allen (@akrabat) and Dave Liddament (@daveliddament) on the static analysis tools that the PHP community has built around stricter typing. But what is "stricter typing"? What problems does it solve, and how do you use it to solve them? In this talk, Stuart will introduce you to the fundamental principles involved. He'll show you the basics of "robustness" and "correctness" in your software engineering, the costs of tackling those using defensive programming and Design by Contract(™), and how to use stricter typing to bring those costs

Data Intensive Applications in PHP
Talk by Doug Fitzmaurice (45 minutes)

Programming is easy until you have to deal with data. We'll review the Designing Data Intensive Applications book, which covers different types of database, the ways to use them, and how to combine them into a complete distributed system for handling data with fewer headaches. I'll show you how I applied some of the concepts and pattern from this book in PHP in an application that cleanly handles multiple messy data sources. Unfortunately we can't head anywhere afterwards for a drink, but we'll keep the chat going so that you can chat with each other.