Talk comments

Alex C at 11:18 on 15 Aug 2019

That was a good talk from Arabella and mindfulness should be more in our lifes

Alex C at 11:17 on 15 Aug 2019

A good talk and useful.

Mark S at 09:13 on 15 Aug 2019

Yes great talk by Arabella. It's sad that so many people have problems with mental health. I'll definitely be trying to find more quiet time in my life after this.

Piers Hobson at 08:12 on 15 Aug 2019

With his long flowing hair and big bushy beard the speaker has real stage presence along with a sense of humour. His slides were nice and clear and included working live examples, or it appeared so, and well-presented code samples. There were some (interesting) deviations from the topic but the presentation was a good mix of theory and practice giving a really informative overview of running PHP scripts as background workers and the additional technologies (Redis queues, supervisord, etc) that could be involved.

Nathaniel at 22:13 on 14 Aug 2019

Great talk from Dan. Good use of humor to engage everyone. I can't comment on how technically insightful it was since I'm not a dev!

Nathaniel at 22:11 on 14 Aug 2019

Inspirational story and interesting talk from Arabella who is clearly passionate about mindfulness practice.

Nigel Jewell at 21:58 on 14 Aug 2019

Dan touched on some really interesting areas with his talk, giving examples of how to solve a problem that many of us have faced in a web environment at some time. It was clear that he had a deep knowledge of some of the problems he'd solved and some very relevant technologies.

The main feedback I'd have is that I think less may have been more. It might have been good to focus on a single area of the problem and describe and demonstrate it in depth rather than just a high-level overview of all aspects. I suspect that with a specific focus the content could have been more structured.

In summary the talk has given me a few technologies I want to explore a little more. So, thanks!

Nigel Jewell at 21:50 on 14 Aug 2019

Arabella touched on some really interesting areas, gave details of some really good resources and touched on her own personal journey in this space. It was great to hear a different perspective on a subject that I've had some involvement in before.

The main feedback I'd give is that the talk felt a little unstructured. There was no real "what is mindfulness" and the topics jumped around a little. I suspect that this is because she may have pulled together materials from a number of different talks. I also felt that the connection to software development was a little nebulous.

Huge respect to Arabella for bringing this important subject to an event such as this. I hope that everyone took something positive away from the exercises. She's clearly very passionate about the subject.

Ankit Raturi at 20:11 on 14 Aug 2019

Arabella talk was really helfull. Had a chance to relax mind body and learnt how to have a mindful head working along with complex work.

Rob Wilson at 19:49 on 14 Aug 2019

Great talk from Arabella. Definitely gets you thinking, and I can see myself in alot of the videos shown. A friend of mine burnt themself out, and tool awhile to recognise this...

.... So In addition to the great talk, it would be great to possibly have some people talk in person about things (so questions can be asked of them, and you can empathize more with someone in person), but logistically this cannot always happen. Again thank you for a great talk