Talk comments

Very interesting - well constructed and quite entertaining.
Have not looked at chatbots before but after this I would not be afraid to have a go.
I did find the presentation style a little bit fragmentary and hard to follow at times - whereas when answering questions at the end the speaker was, for me, much more fluid, expressive and interesting.
I suspect there is a lot of scope for humour (intentional or unintended, anecdotal etc) from the construction chatbots. The speaker got some of that in there.
Many Thanks.

We are using Lambda for image resizing and I want to use it more so I had high hopes for this presentation. I was not disappointed by this fast-paced presentation which covered quite a lot of ground.

Clear (slides and presentation). Well-paced (for me anyway). Examples at, for me, the right level to grasp in a fast-paced talk and which I will could be referring back to. Particularly beneficial was that it gave an overview of things like the serverless paradigm, the current offerings in the marketplace, the state of open source, use cases. Bringing Lambda/PHP in is very timely.

I don't really have a criticism. I suspect there were quite a lot of people who, like me, had a bunch of questions buzzing around in their heads, but did not want to deprive the speaker any longer of a chance to get to the bar.

Roussetos at 00:02 on 14 Feb 2019

It was a nice introduction to an interesting subject with an example that show the capabilities of the technology.
Nice sense of humor, loved the spanish Lucas version :)

However, I do feel that the visual aspects of the presentation needs reworking.
Avoid terminal if possible for showing what's required. Pre-screenshot and edit maybe?
Same with the code examples where we were scrolling through.

Picking the most important points and adding them to a different medium might have been more useful and improve readability.

Nice subject though and keep it up!

Roussetos at 23:48 on 13 Feb 2019

Great talk with a use-case scenario which was not complicated, but provided an all-around scope of the process and what's included.
Nice flow, nothing boring at any point. Really enjoyed the diagrams of the architecture and processing flows.
Not to mention the view to the future aspect, from a person who showed a deep understanding of software engineering.

I can't really see any downsides (or better, "challenges" :) ? ).

Honest replies as well on the testing capabilities of this new way of app development.

Loved every second and thanks for your patience in answering all the questions to the very end.

Well presented and highly informative. Good slides made this talk easy to follow. Very engaging

I found it really clear and helpful. Slides were extremely clear and well animated. Would have liked a stronger sense of how you might migrate to a serverless architectural approach from an existing architecture beyond peripheral extensions.

In other words, if you embrace the possibilities, what would be good strategies to make the the shift, beyond marginal cases.

Phil Mobbs at 20:56 on 13 Feb 2019

Really interesting talk, i liked how it gave a real world introduction with real world code examples

James Benson at 20:53 on 13 Feb 2019

Really good talk, especially enjoyed the case study. Great explanation of the pros and cons, and when you should and should use it.

Lucia Velasco at 20:52 on 13 Feb 2019

I really appreciate your visuals!
You always have a great pace and variety of tone.
Nice, clear slides. Not sure about narrating all the text on one of the early slides because it's quite a lot, but you transitioned out of narration v smoothly.
I appreciate the comparison of PHP vs other languages for state!
I like that you verbally have examples for the Sources in your concepts slide.
I like the humour about missing command line vowels!
You added good clarification to the OpenWhisk architecture diagram. I like your use of layterms.
My attention span wanted a stretch at the beginning of the action container lifecycle slide. I'd appreciate a jolt or a brain break - a brief change of tonal pace or an attention catching slide - just before then. The move to AWS stuff kinda does that though?
Really interesting gotchas on memory!
Actually really good info on gotchas the whole way round. Thank you for breaking down the steps clearly.
Really interested in decoupling for serverless, and things you should and shouldn't do, come back and give that talk.
Excellent talk.
PS: I know you don't always like people on their phones in talks, but I like to feedback live! Soz!

Rhys Laval at 20:51 on 13 Feb 2019

Great talk and very concise. Would be great to have more use cases which work well such as io / graphics processing.