In September join us at Runway East for 2 great talks, where we take a look at The Politics of Tool-Shaming and JenkinsX

Wednesday 11th September 2019

Bro, Do You Even Code? The Politics of Tool-Shaming
Talk by Jim Seconde (45 minutes)

Most of us have heard it at some point. “WHAT? You use X framework/tool/OS/language?! So… you’re a bad developer then?” I did not come from a Software Development background into this industry. I was an outsider, but it’s what I wanted to do my whole life. This is my story: how I refocused and retrained in my career to be confronted with a nightmare of gatekeeping, elistism and aggression. I saw what I thought was a problem, and I’d like to propose a solution. What we do is hard. We’re in a young industry full of contradictions and opinions, and sometimes it excludes people, it shapes new developers’ attitudes poorly and it causes people to walk away. In this talk I’ll focus on what I’ve experienced, what others have experienced, what is harmful to your business with this culture and what can be done about it.

JenkinsX - All your repos belong to us
Talk by Paul Dragoonis (45 minutes)

Microservices? Monolith? It doesn't matter! Let JenkinsX give you a preview environment for each Pull Request, on every repo you import JenkinsX into.In this talk, we'll take a Symfony4 application, import JenkinsX into it, and each Pull Request will have its own dynamic sub domain, running on a Kubernetes cluster, deployed using helm. This is just skimming the surface of awesome power for your Symfony projects.