In May join us at Runway East for 2 great talks covering web hooks and security.

Wednesday 10th July 2019

Working With Webhooks
Talk by Lorna Mitchell (50 minutes)

In an increasingly connected world, APIs are key to great tools and effective workflows. What is better than an API? A webhook of course! Webhooks are the modern way for integrating systems and allowing them to react to one another. This session will cover what a webhook is, when you might want to use one, and some examples for handling webhooks in your own PHP projects. You’ll see some examples of tools to help during the development process, and some real examples of webhooks in action.

Is it Secret? Is it Safe?
Talk by Rob Wilson (50 minutes)

Everyone wants to sell things online. eCommerce websites are popping up left right and center. But where do you start? Our boss/clients have an idea of what they want, but we as software developers are a key stakeholder when it comes to building eCommerce systems. After all, we’re both building the application and using it. There are multiple paths we can go down, but a common challenge that we all face is security; Protecting the customers data! During the talk, we’ll look at some real world examples and security titbits in how we can protect the application, with Rob drawing on over 9 years of eCommerce experience.