In March join us at Runway East for 2 great talks. We start off by taking a look at how Mayden scaled their development team and then we take a look at Lumen.

Wednesday 13th March 2019

Scaling The Development Team at Mayden
Talk by Dave Bould, Louis Rickman (45 minutes)

This is a story about how Mayden went from a team of 5 to 20 developers growing rapidly in a short amount of time, the problems that came with quick growth and how we transformed our team from a daily firefight to development team of the year!

Lighting up relationships in Lumen
Talk by Liam Maddison (30 minutes)

This is a story of when I was a young developer trying to learn the backend, I did not know where to turn and with all the information on the internet It was extremely overwhelming. The talk will cover important groundings I learnt through using frameworks (eg Lumen), such as database schemas, migrations and relationships.