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Rated 4

Simon Lewin at 12:03 on 14 Mar 2019

An enjoyable and interesting talk. Good energy and good pace. TBH if Liam hadn't said it was his first talk I wouldn't have known, although his nervousness was evident.

It would have been even better if he hadn't got distracted talking about Signable and forgotten what he wanted to say. And a little more structure would have helped e.g. I'd have started with the Lucid Clothing website.

It was also ambitious to do some live coding but IMO it worked but I was close enough to the screen to see the code examples.

Rated 4

Simon Lewin at 11:54 on 14 Mar 2019

An interesting and entertaining talk. Having two speakers worked well although a Dave needed a little more airtime.
It would have been even better if the speakers had read less from their notes.
And IMO it would have been interesting to have got the perspectives of Maydev devs in the audience too.

I enjoyed that! Doing your first talk is a terrifying nightmare, but once we hit the meat of the message I think it was all there.

I lived seeing the journey through your eyes, and it really highlighted how frameworks can do most of the heavy lifting.

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Mike Oram at 20:41 on 13 Mar 2019

Great first talk, a tough topic to cover for your first talk but covered the content well. Few tips, use talk notes on your laptop to help prompt you when your stuck/nervous. Give the audience more time to digest the code on the screen and explain your examples line by line, don't assume we understand. Remember to take a breath when talking, having a drink with you helps give you an excuse to break without a pause. Live code examples are ambitious for your first talk so well done, try and prepare them more beforehand as they were difficult to follow at points. It was great hearing about your journey from front to back end, I'd have liked to hear more about that.

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Lucia Velasco at 20:32 on 13 Mar 2019

Sorry, I just wrote my train of thought for feedback throughout the talk! It's a really interesting talk, thank you for introducing me to Lumen.
First talks are always unnerving (so were my first and second ones). You handled the brain blank really well - remember we don't know what you were going to say, so if you make it up or change topic we'll assume it's right!
Great gif and the Lumen slide is so pretty!
Idk if you had speaker notes on the sides that weren't showing, but if you need to change it to a presenter view with the notes dw about making the audience wait for that, that's fine :)
Your speaking pace is really good! Not too break neck and not too many ums, that's a good thing to keep developing.
I like that the first code example was a good size on the slide and length.
Make the "my big pitfall" text higher on the slide (maybe directly below text) and possibly bigger. It's funny, I like it :D
Use pseudo code to condense your code samples (e.g. // get stock by ID).
The slides weren't too cluttered, which is really good!
Good text size on the IDE and I applaud a live code demo on your first talk!!! Size of text on Chrome could have been bigger, I wasn't sure what was coming out - couldn't read the names.
That was awesome! Thank you, this sounds like a really good framework for beginners (I work with a lot of those) and lightweight projects, I'll have to try it out!
Haha, I've used Slim... There's a Slim author in the audience, idk if you knew that lmao. Lately seems more widely used, so I'll be interested to see whether this starts being used more by people I know for its ties to Laravel.

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Eric Wing at 20:31 on 13 Mar 2019

Lots of great stuff in there. Nice to see details in the code but it can be difficult to show a large amount and keep to readable. Would have liked to hear more about the Lumen development servers you mentioned.

Rated 4

Rob Wilson at 20:30 on 13 Mar 2019

For a first talk in front of so many people, Liam found it tough, but give him credit, he stuck with it. I've been there, it's nerve wracking as hell so kudos to you :)

With these bits overcome, and as the talk progressed, the information was clear concise and very informative.

Being based around an e-commerce system it spoke to me in several ways, and especially the challenges he has come across (same for me).

I'd like to have seen some of the images of the DB/code structure blown up as I was sat at the back and it was quite small.

Live coding! Quite a challenge, and even the best speakers get it wrong. Best advice I can give here is have either a video of the code, or a slide by slide for elements on screen.

Informative talk. I use Laravel for work and there were a few bits in there that I'm yet to actually use. Very enthusiastic presentation, could tell you knew the subject quite well - my main advice would be to take your time. Parts felt a little rushed and presenting a tad slower might have made it flow a little better. I'd also suggest reviewing the content of the slides as some were too pale or had too much code to read properly from the back! Good solid presentation, a couple of small tweaks could knock it up a few levels :)

Good talk, good delivery, some fresh approaches that I look forwards to running by the office to enhance performance!

Interesting talk! Would love to hear more about how to make scaling decisions well from the start of a new company. Really nice speakers, would have been more engaging if you stood at the front in the middle than at the side. Really nice presentation.