When I talked to my colleagues I couldn't believe some of the stories they had of awkward, backwards or just plain silly technical tests. This talk is a big, fat example of what NOT to make your prospective developers do, along with a couple of reasons why.


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Ian at 20:19 on 11 Apr 2018

Really fun format, awesome idea and well spoken ?

Rob Wilson at 20:19 on 11 Apr 2018

A different style to the normal talks, but well presented. I'd have had some slides to show the stories being told do variety. However, I enjoyed it alot, and will take away some of the lessons learnt (especially for upcoming interviews)

The only way to improve this is to provide backdrops of the cute fluffy animals you mention.
Most importantly you vocalised the entire speach well and I understood every word even at the back of the room :)

Matt Adshead at 20:20 on 11 Apr 2018

Really great talk. Very clearly delivered. Story based format is very engaging, no slides but it was still really nicely communicated! I like the lack of slides with text, but maybe punctuate each story by switching to a slide with a picture of the character in the story. Might be a nice visual touch without breaking from the purely verbal delivery of the content.

Very interesting approach of delivering a talk! I wish hiring managers get a chance to listen to it!

Some great anecdotes. Engaging speaker.

Paul alden at 20:20 on 11 Apr 2018

A different take on a talk, refreshing but enlightening. Some slides would have helped but it was overall good talk.

Jergus Lejko at 20:20 on 11 Apr 2018

Amazing talk & amazing format ?

David Lumm at 20:21 on 11 Apr 2018

Great anecdotes, well delivered. Nice to have a different format, too. Felt a little rushed, though.

This was a great idea with really fun, engaging stories. Each one had something to make you think.

MattRink at 20:21 on 11 Apr 2018

A good, fun talk with plenty of morals and things to learn, it also came at the perfect time in the evening.

Michael Bush at 20:22 on 11 Apr 2018

Very original format well presented and something i can easily relate too. I cannot think of anyway to improve the delivery

Martin Joiner at 20:23 on 11 Apr 2018

Enjoyed the story telling format. A fun way to deal with a serious subject. The point when one story ends and another starts was a bit blurred. May I suggest using 1 slide per story to punctuate with a visual change. Possibly with an image of the Cat & Dog, Sparrow & Hawk, etc... Beatrix Potter style maybe. Thanks.

Drew McLellan at 20:24 on 11 Apr 2018

Loved the fable format - that sort of storytelling can be risky for a technical presentation but it worked so so well for this. It’s a shame the last part was compressed for time - so a small pacing issue there - but it didn’t detract from the message. Great stuff.

Karim at 20:24 on 11 Apr 2018

Fables was a really engaging way to explain the ridiculousness of some tech tests (and most other job interviews)! Nailed it

Peter Fisher at 20:27 on 11 Apr 2018

This was a great talk. Very brave doing this without slides but that didn't affect the quality of the talk. I would love to see some cartoon illustrations of each story.

Great talk! A refreshing topic too - thanks so much for talking about it. Only thing that would have made it even better would have been some slides with the morals of the stories to help them sink in.

Kieran Potts at 08:35 on 12 Apr 2018

This was a very funny talk, well delivered. Some visuals always help, even in lightning talks. But I enjoyed this!

Good talk. I liked the delivery. Something a little different that worked really well for a lightning talk.

As others have mentioned maybe a different picture for each story. I'd have also liked a quick summary at the end too. Just a 1 liner from each story to remind everyone of the valuable take aways.

Great job.