We are still not working together on our projects. And that leads to frustration and hinders productivity.

See how by using a common developer tool you enforce a common process and a common language, boosting your projects and making developers happier.


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Good talk with lots of valid points! I could relate to the topic.
The ideas were clearly and eloquently expressed.

Rated 4

Rob Wilson at 20:41 on 11 Apr 2018

Very interesting talk. Great layout of slides, and we'll presented by Vitor. You did go through quickly on the slides, but I will rewatch on YouTube to read some of the code you had on screen :)

Rated 4

Ian at 20:41 on 11 Apr 2018

Really good punchy slides, very thoughtful, code bit was a lot to take in, in short space of time.

Rated 5

Paul alden at 20:42 on 11 Apr 2018

Straightforward talk, kept short and to the point, didn't overwhelm the viewer.

Rated 4

David Lumm at 20:42 on 11 Apr 2018

Important points, good to hear how this can also be applied to single developers. Would've liked more time on the technical side.

Rated 4

MattRink at 20:43 on 11 Apr 2018

A very interesting talk, I particularly enjoyed the parts on the soft skilsl. I realise that you were short of time but you skipped through the code examples quite quickly.

Rated 3

Lucia Velasco at 20:43 on 11 Apr 2018

A man after my own heart (efficiency is my raison d'etre)! This brought up some sensible points I hadn't considered, such as that it should be easier to push code to these than your prod env.
I enjoyed when the points on the slides were paraphrased rather than read out, before being built upon. I'd love to see more of this! Also, I think a more upbeat tone throughout would have kept me more engaged, the mellow tone was lovely but not as effective at this time of night.

Rated 5

Michael Bush at 20:43 on 11 Apr 2018

Good talk raising many points l'm sure a lot of developers can relate too. Well presented in a clear format.

A really nice, simple talk, presented with great enthusiasm. Might have been nice to see how DevKit works in a bit more detail.

Rated 4

Mike Oram at 20:44 on 11 Apr 2018

Well delivered, clear and well paced. Good topic, not something we struggle with but have witnessed similar problems and some good points were raised. The devkit repo felt a little shoe horned in, and not beneficial to the main talk points.

A good talk covering an issue that I’ve come across loads as a contractor.
Good points on how to solve it but his code example may have been better in psuedo code to explain the steps he was trying to solve for.

Rated 5

Kieran Potts at 08:50 on 12 Apr 2018

This was a perfectly presented talk. I don't have any suggestions as to how it could be improved!

I'll stared the noiselabs/devkit repo and I'll try to make time to check it out and see if there's anything I can contribute.

Every project would benefit from the concept. Lots of good suggestions. E.g. write your tools in the same language you're working with.

To improve...

I think this was a full length talk. For lighting talk I would have kept to talking about the principles and left out the actual implementation as you didn't have time to do it justice. It would make a great full length talk and we'd love you to present it at PHPSW sometime!

Rated 5

Phil Mobbs at 00:21 on 15 Apr 2018

Really enjoyed the talk and have taken away a few ideas on how to work more efficiently with our team.

The presentation had a clear design and the information was well presented.