Which which stands for "getting SPA-like experience while sticking with server-side rendering"


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Michael Bush at 19:36 on 11 Apr 2018

The speaker spoke to fast and tried to cram to much information into a short talk. Maybe a lightning talk was not the best medium.

Rob Wilson at 19:38 on 11 Apr 2018

Another great talk. Time was against him, but found some great ideas for using SPAs. Great use of the examples, and the video was a useful addition.

Lucia Velasco at 19:38 on 11 Apr 2018

Personable, excellent premise. The naming in the examples was really clear and helped me understand what was going on. Loved it!
I liked that you referred to the previous talk (maybe JavaScript is just medium speed?!).
I recommend you stand closer to the slides, my periphery didn't notice the changes in some of the slides! I would have liked a recap on the why at the end.

Paul alden at 19:39 on 11 Apr 2018

Hard to understand and a bit rushed but detailed example. Needs to slow down a bit.

You did speak quite fast but lots of good information in there. Maybe the example about searching for art could be illustrated in the slides?

Ian at 19:40 on 11 Apr 2018

Really well explained, slide where explained the web page, could do with something visually highlighted as explained

Perhaps next time include performance implications? But otherwise a lot of information presented (fairly) easily within the time constraints.

Mike Oram at 19:40 on 11 Apr 2018

Good ideas about an old concept with a new spin. Felt a little rushed so aim to slow down speech speed. Packed good code samples with humour and information.

MattRink at 19:40 on 11 Apr 2018

I enjoyed the talk, it included simple code examples and they were well explained for people of all levels of experience. Maybe a couple of comments on the code just for clarity.

Great little talk! Very clear drivery.
However I did find some explanations of what the code does unnecessary as it was rather clear.

Would like to see a longer follow up talk implementing some more spa like features in an old school non spa way.

Great presence and super enthusiastic. Really enjoyed the talk. Good example and explanation but maybe a bit rushed, some of the build-up could maybe be stripped to give you more time :) Nice job!

Matt Adshead at 19:50 on 11 Apr 2018

Nice example of server side rendering reducing JavaScript load. Simple and clear examples. Screenshots could have been a bit bigger for easier reading from a distance. Lots of margin around the images. Whitespace is nice but clear text is more important I think.

Adrian Smith at 00:40 on 12 Apr 2018

I liked the talk

It would cool to have a compare and contrast against rail's turbo links and some of the earlier js libraries that took a similar approach, but not identical approach to this

Kieran Potts at 08:18 on 12 Apr 2018

Loved the demo and I fully agree with the speaker's broad principle of finding the simplest solutions to difficult technical problems (in this case, how to create an application-like user experience in a static web page). It got me thinking, which is all that a tech talk needs to do.

Great talk. Clear slides. I loved the premise.

To help with explaining the code bits you could have a slides that but a border around the section of code you're talking about (or highlight it in some other way).