For both the frontend and backend there are many frameworks that allow for the rapid and solid build of web applications. Many projects require the knowledge of a framework. In some cases this leads a developer to be more understanding of a framework instead of the language that the framework is written in.
Should every application be built using a framework and if not, when is it OK not to use a framework?


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Interesting talk. Lots of good points about both building your own framework and using an existing one.

Lucia Velasco at 19:59 on 11 Apr 2018

I love that you outlined a perspective that few people can or even try to coin (why a student would choose to learn a language in a framework).
Some of the points were excellent but they were not delivered succinctly. I liked the summary!

Ian at 19:59 on 11 Apr 2018

Good questions at the end and statements at the end.

Rob Wilson at 20:00 on 11 Apr 2018

Great talk by Peter. Pros/Cons of a framework has been a challenge with work and I'll be using his slides to help with the challenges I have with PMs. Some real world examples would have been good to show the audience, but as mentioned, the project should determine the framework ;)

MattRink at 20:01 on 11 Apr 2018

You successfully managed to explain the separation of developer ego and the needs of the project. Very insightful.

Matt Adshead at 20:03 on 11 Apr 2018

Yep yep yep yep.

Paul alden at 20:04 on 11 Apr 2018

Well informed and experienced talk about commonly encountered issues for new developers, kept short simple. Good work.

Really clear, nice overview. Good slides too - supported the content well. Maybe stand a little closer to the screen next time, it was a bit distracting having so much distance. Thanks for the talk!

Drew McLellan at 20:15 on 11 Apr 2018

Well presented, and I really liked the pros and cons approach. About the right amount of content for the time -great job.

Michael Bush at 20:19 on 11 Apr 2018

Very good talk with lots of good points, maybe improve it by providing personal experiences

David Lumm at 20:19 on 11 Apr 2018

Balanced look at the pros and cons. Very timely, the tide is turning on chasing the new shiny, people are looking for stability and longevity.

Mike Oram at 20:22 on 11 Apr 2018

Fantastic talk, well reasoned, well paced, lots of information and opinions with good reasoning and balanced arguments. A pleasure to listen to.

Kieran Potts at 08:34 on 12 Apr 2018

A very big debate, well summarised. I'd add the point that you might consider an application framework as being an application's eventual destination, rather than its starting point. To put it another way, a framework comes about by the gradual imposition of constraints on an application's design. But that's a whole other talk, probably...

Good slides. Good delivery. Good content.

A few minor points for improvement:

A massive con for writing your own framework was missing: security. The major frameworks will have been reviewed for security problems and vulnerabilities by many people. Rolling your own it's just you. (Admittedly mistakes still happen e.g. recent Drupal bug).

Also for non trivial projects the business logic should be decoupled from the framework. Once you've decoupled code from framework the choice of framework (or not) becomes less of an issue. I feel this is not emphasised enough in the industry generally. Talks about frameworks should, IMHO, at least mention this in passing.