Talk comments

Josh Field at 09:13 on 11 Sep 2020

Lots of useful information.

Very well organised and presented - a great deal of useful information to try to implement.

Fantastic talk! I thoroughly enjoyed it because it was "my kind of PHP" and if implemented would solve one of the really long-standing problems of PHP security.

Piers Hobson at 20:55 on 9 Sep 2020

Lots of food for thought is this lightning talk, thanks.

Good presentation, clear slides.

Would be interested to see where this goes.


Piers Hobson at 20:47 on 9 Sep 2020

Thanks for your presentation.

The speaker was very jolly which made it an engaging talk.

There was a lot of info on the slides, some of which were whipped through a bit quickly but very informative.

Well done, thanks.

Piers Hobson at 20:03 on 9 Sep 2020

Very interesting/

Lovely clear slides. A lot of information crammed into this lightning talk. It was implied at the end but if this talk was expanded it would be interesting to see these improvements quantified.

Thanks very much.

Piers Hobson at 19:53 on 9 Sep 2020


Informative lightning talk, good clear slides, lots of information.

If I could give some advice to the speaker for future presentations it would be to try to slow down a bit to let the audience process all the new and interesting things you are saying.

Well done, thanks again.

Piers Hobson at 19:32 on 9 Sep 2020

Interesting project, seems like it could be quite flexible.

Nice clear slides and demo.

Good lightning talk, thanks.