Best Practice in Web Service Design


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Lively talk packed with useful concepts.

Nice treatment of various webservice aspects and best practices.

Great talk! I really like the suggestion of adding a heartbeat method. That's a good idea. A very nice overview of web services.

Every API developer should be made to listen to this talk. Absolutely love that Lorna's knowledge that's born from real-world experience of developing and consuming APIs.

Well paced and delivered. Good content as well. You should consider turning this talk into a book

This is the first intro i had about best practices for writing API's and Web Services. This talk made me start considering writing API's than writing multiple web pages for same content based on platform.

Worth the time if any one is considering writing Web Services or API's. An addition that would make it the best tutorial would be some code examples, even if added separately would work as a reference.

I agree with ijansch - this would be a good book.

Some of the things said, like return codes - is just common sense. But, we need to hear it. I think it is easy to get the web service working and leave things, like return codes, at the wayside.

The talk was perfect for the time you were given. Thank you.

Also - I started using Opera again - I didn't know there was a way to mask as firefox - thanks! :-)

Great talk, very helpful. Going to agree with ijansch as well. Let see a book

Excellent talk since I am in the market to start developing web services in the near future. Great concepts and presentation. Agree with everyone else...write a book!

I cannot add much more than what the others have added. I always love seeing code examples, but sometimes you don't have time to cram all that content into 50 minutes. I know I would love reading a more in-depth book on the topic.