I'm Just Here for the ElePHPants


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Erin Mills at 10:38 on 25 May 2016

As a n00b in the PHP community, this talk was very much welcome. Funny, too!

Kinda low energy. I expected the opening speech of the conference to cause people to get pumped about where the community is going. Instead, it was mostly a who's who that I had a hard time relating to.

Joe Ferguson at 10:57 on 25 May 2016

Enjoyed the talk and it gave a nice brief history of the PHP Community. As someone like Jeremy who has only been active in the community for 4-5 years, it's nice to see this history relayed to the new members of the community.

Much talk! Very funny. It was cool to see more on the history of the PHP community and seeing all the shoutouts to people who have been around for a long long time and others who are relatively new but making a huge impact.

A highly engaging talk that explained a heap about the history and community stuff in php that I had no idea about! Thank you for sharing!

A veteran speaker, Jeremy's great in front of a crowd of people, and this was a great first foray into keynote talks.

As someone who's been to php[architect] conferences in the past, I've at least run into a lot of the people who were name-checked, but I could see it being kind of exclusive from the perspective of someone who's newer to the community.

Funny, nicely presented, but not especially useful

Adam Petersen at 15:01 on 25 May 2016

Good presentation - the slides of who's who kind of dragged a bit in the middle, but overall the message of "PhpTEK is a community" was loud and clear. I really enjoyed it.

Colin O'Dell at 17:54 on 25 May 2016

This was a nice light-hearted overview of the PHP community, its history, and the people who make it great.

I do feel like it was geared more towards those who are already involved in the community. For example, while I personally enjoyed the shoutouts, I was already familiar with those folks and understood most of the comments made about them. Newcomers might've had difficulty relating to those folks and some of the comments about them. Perhaps reduce the number of folks you highlight and show a huge mosaic of pictures at the end? That'll prevent the section from dragging while still providing the intended impact.

Nevertheless, I still really enjoyed this keynote, especially the personal anecdotes and history of WurstCon! Jeremy did a great job of blending sincerity with humor while painting an accurate picture of where the community is and how we got here.

Great potential ... the history of the PHP community, starting WurstCon and making friends outside of the day to day 'work' with PHP was great. I would have preferred highlighting more people who were attending the conference that I might be able to meet, creating some energy to get involved in the community and creating some excitement about having fun and enjoying the next few days.

Cal Evans at 10:09 on 26 May 2016

A fun and informative walk down memory lane.

Gary Hockin at 10:19 on 26 May 2016

Really enjoyed the history of the PHP community, and was very interesting and entertaining.

Minor criticism, you have a very engaging personality, and I know you can be even more entertaining if you let that shine through a little more.

Good Job!

Tyler Schade at 09:43 on 27 May 2016

Good work - nice to get a community history as a noob. Could have used some more energy, and also did feel like a little bit of an exclusive "who's who".

Zachary May at 10:55 on 27 May 2016

Didn't do much to dispel the feeling that the "conference circuit" set isn't cliquish. A fun talk, though.

James Titcumb at 12:01 on 27 May 2016

Great exploration of history of the community and a good who's who, but didn't quite have the usual Jeremy charisma, maybe down to nerves or something? Otherwise a great, enjoyable keynote with great comedy.

Squirrel Nuts at 14:04 on 27 May 2016

It was just a list of people he knew. It would have been better if he had gone more into what they contribute and how to get a hold of them. Also, maybe he could have gotten quotes from them for the conference.

Ed Barnard at 14:50 on 29 May 2016

This was a good lighthearted keynote about community, and that message was clear. I've been writing code as long as most, but PHP community is new to me. Thus a lot of the photos and insider references were lost on me. I'd love to have been able to more completely follow along.

Andy Snell at 18:15 on 29 May 2016

This was an alright talk -- maybe not the best choice for an opening keynote. I think I would have preferred something a bit more forward looking than a talk about how great the community was in the past. As a first-time attendee, I sort of zoned out after the first few slides of "who's who".

Fun and engaging and I enjoyed learning more about the core PHP community and was inspired by the stories and relationships that formed over working on projects and attending conferences together. Good times.

Max Chadwick at 11:49 on 31 May 2016

A fine way to kick off the conference. I thought the section of looking at photos could've been a bit shorter, though.

I thought this was an excellent first stab at a keynote. With a bit of work this would be a 5-thumbs-up keynote.

A lot of great history on the community, even if I wasn't around to experience it first-hand. That said, there was a lot of inside information and the long history (and tight friendships) are a bit off-putting to someone trying to become established. Not a knock on the presentation itself, but it did paint the [tek] crew as a bit cliquish...