Talk comments

As usual a solid performance by Stephan !

I feel like the slides featured too many images though and too little nitty gritty detail. Although some other aspects would have been nice - e.g. the setup and deployment process (local installation, running on a vm or docker ...), the necessary infrastructure (how many agents are needed what are their specs ?).

Also, the thread running through the whole presentation could be highlighted more - instead of jumping from setting to setting screenshot.

Claudio at 18:23 on 29 Mar 2016

For people knowing Jenkins, this was a list of Plugins for the builds. A talk for devs who know Jenkins, builds and deployment but when the majority doesn't know much of this topic, it wouldn't fit, but it should be considered as a talk of a Jenkins user to other Jenkins users.

If you usually use Ant in Jenkins, this talk can show some alternative approaches for projects, not only because of Phing.

On a side note: I wonder if anybody use the default blue balls of a build status. The best Plugin must be Green Balls. :-)

Claudio at 18:10 on 29 Mar 2016

Actually, It's not suitable for me to rate this talk, because I missed the first few slides, so I don't write about if something came short.

The most interesting part for me was the communication with the queue and the re-queue, because of the experiences they made, their answers to performance and error handling.

Very interesting talk. The images were a little too small. And i would like a small addition. As there is a lot of people that until today never used jenkins, a small intro -description to jenkins can be also added, i think.

David Manners at 15:58 on 29 Mar 2016

As always very interesting listening to Stephan talk about anything really. The topic was a very good insight into how bit expert work with Jenkins. It was nice to hear the positive and negative side of the approach rather than simply stating that everything is perfect in the world of Jenkins. Read-ability of some slide could be improved but an overall very good talk.

David Manners at 15:56 on 29 Mar 2016

Nice talk to get you thinking about asynchronous event processing. I really enjoyed the fact that the presenters showed you how they messed up during the learning process. Could do with making the code easier to read in future but overall a very solid talk.

This talk has some room for improvement. The images were sometimes to small and it was enough space left on the screen.
Also it would be nice to ease the slides in some way. Currently it's a journey from one configuration screen to another.
Maybe this helps a bit.


Pretty good overview on how to offload tasks from your main web server. To improve the talk I would rather focus on one specific technology and deeply cover the problems you guys ran into (I guess a lot given my experience *g*) or find a better way to compare the different technologies you tested (e.g. when to use which technology). Other than that very well presented, would love to see more presentations from you guys.

Marat at 09:35 on 25 Mar 2016

Very interesting information about jenkins, quite useful in the practice

Marat at 09:33 on 25 Mar 2016

+ It was very interesting, experience-based presentation.
- Code demonstration was with very small font size.