The PHP-Usergroup Frankfurt/Main meets for the 3rd time in 2017

Thursday 1st June 2017

19:30 The ContentManager loves the tree
Talk by Maximilian Berghoff (45 minutes)

Tree-like structures are omnipresent throughout the web. Whether in the plain URL of a website, as navigation-menu or for board- or chatlogs. Even XML represents a tree-like structure. So why not store data in such a construct? In the Java-World there is the JCR named ContentRepository which stores data in a tree-like structure. The JCR has been ported to PHP as PHPCR. Using the Doctrine-Wrapper PHPCR-ODM it can be integrated into applications without hassle. This talk will show how to effectively persist semi-structured content, dynamic routing or other hierarchically structured data.

Surviving Your Next Data Breach
Talk by Anna Filina (45 minutes)

It happens even to tech giants: they get hacked and client databases get leaked. Let's look at what data is the most sensitive and what steps we can take to protect it, while still keeping all of the user experience intact. Come see why most web applications do passwords and credit card information wrong.