Talk comments

While the talk didn't really introduce anything new for me, it was really enjoyable and well suited for the late time of the day.
Serves as a quite good "keynote-style" presentation: fun, entertaining and cheerful.

Very interesting idea being exposed, although the title itself is half the talk (or else I missed something from the talk itself).
Could need some more details on how to eventually propose it as a technique in our own work environment (especially to management people?).

While the talk was quite interesting, and the speaker is very clearly explaining things, there are a few issues:

- the pace is a bit too slow
- discusses some SQL basics that are assumed to be known when listening to this talk (though I might have misunderstood that)
- doesn't cover the Zend\Db\Sql\Ddl component, which is half the fun (IMO)
- slides should be chunked into smaller bits to enhance audience focus

Entertaining, relatable, a dev's everyday life. Also fitting for non Magento devs.

One interesting form to test usability of a project. Definitly need to be considered for projects, where usability has a high priority.

I kind of missed Zend Sql in talks because ORMs got the spotlight, so this talk was kind of refreshing. I missed the mentioned Dbl though.