Talk comments

The arguments of the talk were really interesting, but I think it was not so engaging. IMHO: try to focus more on how to communicate w/ the audience.

Good Talk Emanuele. It was the last one and I think it's always the most difficult one. You did a good job on keeping the audience awake :D

Nice talk, Fatos. I'd have expected more code.

Personally, I didn't like both the subject and the way it's been exposed. It should have been tried more times! Francesca, try to present these kind of important talks to people before the conference. Go to meetups and try it there! I did it for my talk and it helped a lot (even if I still have tons of things that need to be improved)

I really enjoyed the talk from Matteo. He clarified me a lot of things as the React ecosystem is kinda "messy" at the beginning.

What to say? Perfect talk with the perfect speaker. I (as a wannabe speaker) have tons of stuff to learn from Massimiliano.