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Speaking at ScotlandPHP for the first time couldn't go better.

Amazing venue, good accommodations, all the needed support, everything.

Kudos for the board games for the after-party, that was a clever idea to bring together speakers and attendees after the conference.

Tim Swann at 12:39 on 11 Nov 2019

Some good quality talks, as usual I go home feeling that I've learned something new, and something I can apply in work which is the main aim.

There was a strong sense of Tests test test which is good, but it felt a bit 'samey' for a 1 day event, I think that dominated a bit. I attended 3 talks that were essentially TDD / unit Test your work. Maybe if there was 2 days of talks that'd be ok, but I think there was room to broaden the spectrum of talk topics.

It felt a bit smaller this year, dunno if the numbers agree with that, but I hope it keeps going because The North needs this.

The t-shirt design is very cool this year. I like the addition of the pin badges and the notebook design also very nice this year. I have to say that a notebook and pen are the two essential items in a delegate pack for me. If you ever need to shave costs, please dont cut those out of the packs

The Only criticism I have is that the bar facilities provided by the venue where pretty poor, running low of cold beer before each person had had their first drink, wasn't great preparation on their part when they knew exact numbers to be catered for.

As usual conference ran very smoothly. Great mix of talks and most slots I had an interest in both.

Callum Hogg at 18:29 on 9 Nov 2019

Where's the free bar? Kind of needing that after listening to a boy talk about stuffed animals for an hour