Talk comments

Tim Swann at 14:34 on 12 Nov 2019

Like the fact that the example provided is something a little more complex and real world than a ToDo list.

Tim Swann at 14:32 on 12 Nov 2019

Nice way to end the day, always leave 'em laughing.

Tim Swann at 14:31 on 12 Nov 2019

Excellent talk, so many really usefull hints and links
I've built a lot of brochureware website over the years and thought I knew a fair bit about accessibility; but a learnt a few things and had a few assumptions tested by this talk. Thanks.

Tim Swann at 14:29 on 12 Nov 2019

I relaly enjoyed this talk and teh code samples; very useful short examples of problems and how to get around them

I did feel that it wasn't quite on the money with the talk title; it was more a How To intro for phpUNIT and didn't really cover refactoring as such, or how to "refacator just enough" to enable testing.

The examples that were provided were brilliant, and oh so well named.. i'd just liked to have seen an example of a first step that removes any fear factor of going from spaghetti code to something testable. For me, I think that bit is missing and would be a very valuabe addition.

Tim Swann at 14:25 on 12 Nov 2019

As a total novice to GraphQL I found it informative and pitched at the perfect level for me.
I came away with several tips to get started. Good talk.

Woudl echo some others - so

Tim Swann at 08:30 on 12 Nov 2019

as someone who's never dabbled with PWAs I found this to be an excellent intro. It really de-mystified it for me and I'm keen to have a go now.

Oliver Nybroe at 18:52 on 11 Nov 2019

Great talk about how to keep your code safe.
It makes a ton of sense and I love following the principal's he taught us.

Oliver Nybroe at 18:49 on 11 Nov 2019

Really liked how he explained serverless. It was a great talk and made me wanna develop a new project just to deploy it with lambda.

Such a good talk to end the day. I loved the story and the tone.
I now understand why every dev is so crazy about these plush toys :D
Merci Damien !

A good introduction to Accessibility with a focus on the available tools