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James Titcumb at 20:04 on 25 Oct 2021

Great close to the conference, more great food, games for those who wanted to, drinks, great conversations. Kudos to the EICC staff for getting some extra chairs for our table when they saw a couple of folks were sat on the floor!

James Titcumb at 20:01 on 25 Oct 2021

Not too drawn out, but keeping recognition of the sponsors and speakers etc. Congrats on 5 years !

James Titcumb at 20:00 on 25 Oct 2021

Insightful, great delivery, and reminds us that we should definitely invest more in the puppy smashing business. Did I get that right? 😅

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James Titcumb at 19:58 on 25 Oct 2021

Great pace, clear explanations and great content.

James Titcumb at 19:57 on 25 Oct 2021

Really tasty food. Loads of time to chat, so many conferences you are rushed at lunch, but not today!

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James Titcumb at 19:56 on 25 Oct 2021

Fast paced, but didn't really go much into the nitty gritty of how React PHP does its async work. Fine for a general perspective & example use case though, and kept it interesting with great examples.

James Titcumb at 19:54 on 25 Oct 2021

Great kick off, I've seen the keynote before and it's nice to see it's refreshed and new content added and improvements made, but keeping the same great message and great personality.

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James Titcumb at 19:53 on 25 Oct 2021

Let's gooooooo

James Titcumb at 19:52 on 25 Oct 2021

No registration issues, except turns out the England NHS app doesn't work with Scottish QR codes for Covid check-in, so had to write my details down haha. Daft!

Jess's unique and engaging delivery style made this the perfect closing keynote. Making a dry/serious topic comical and thought provoking at the same time. A refreshing change from blocks of code and demos, it makes you think about the bigger picture.

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