Talk comments

Gabriel Somoza at 14:04 on 7 Sep 2017

I don't usually get to hear about ways of improving my developer workflow very often. But this was definitely that kind of talk! I can tell it's still quite a bit of work to get to where you are, but I can definitely see the value of it. I'll get started with my own dotfiles as soon as possible! :D

Gabriel Somoza at 14:01 on 7 Sep 2017

I was very interested in this topic and it was nice to see how easy it is to setup Satis. Your demo worked very smoothly too, which is not easy to accomplish.

There were some minor non-technical aspects of the talk that could have gone a bit better, but those things only come with practice. One thing might be to consider removing the slides altogether and going straight for the demo – since this is such as "hands-on" topic – then you'd be able to provide much more content in the same amount of time. Overall I'm glad I got all the information I needed to hear about Satis, thanks!

Gabriel Somoza at 13:50 on 7 Sep 2017

You did a great job condensing the topic to fit a lightning talk format without losing any of the essence. The tool looks great too and I look forward to an opportunity to use it!

Robert Broen at 12:29 on 7 Sep 2017

Nice setup of your settings-application-backup-system.
The introduction could be expanded a little bit.

Robert Broen at 12:22 on 7 Sep 2017

Live demo with real world examples. Up to now I had not heard of spanshot-testing. Nice to see it applied and to have broadend my horizon.