Talk comments

I enjoyed this talk a lot. It motivated me even more to begin working on test driven development

Favorite talk of the conference. Even having a degree in Computer Science and having taken courses in Graph Theory, it's been a while and it is awesome to see the current applications of graphs and path traversal. As promised in the talk, I have started seeing graphs all around me.

Liked the talk. One thing I thought of afterward was that I don't know how traits work with unit tests. Obviously not in the scope of this talk, but perhaps a topic that needs more coverage. Questions like can you test a trait directly or only through the code that uses it; How do code coverage reports treat traits, etc.

Well done. Loved the emphasis on remembering who will be consuming the API and how to make things better for them, even if it causes more work for them initially.

Great job. The SPL is something I keep meaning to use but somehow never do. This definitely renewed my desire to do so.

Nice coverage of security hacks, with examples for emphasis/training. Most talks tend to shy away from examples, and prevent true learning. Concept can only go so far. Slides need a resources slide showing some of the URLs covered in the talk.

This talk was very enlightening. Paul is an awesome speaker and kept me listening with his passion for the topic and content. His coverage helped me more fully grasp some items I have had issues picking up, and opened my mind to learning more.

Jeremy is an engaging speaker, and this talk was very interesting. I was hopeful for more of "how to", but this talk didn't really get into that as much as I had wanted. (The abstract didn't promise that, so was as indicated.) Had to leave the talk a bit early, so want to catch the rest another time.

Great platform agnostic overview of the pros and cons of single page apps. Wish he would have had more time to dig even deeper into live code examples.

Fantastic presentation. I hadn't heard of Cargo Cults previously, but it's a great visual reminder about the dangers of just blindly copying code without understanding how it works. Derrick did a good job balancing clearly explaining specific examples while still covering enough breadth to get us thinking about many different security vulnerabilities.