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This was a fun tour of sorting & searching algorithms. The presentation included excellent visual models of the algorithms in action. I would have liked to see more about the history of the algorithms.

We really need more talks like this in PHP conferences. CS fundamentals is usually a underrated topic, but Rowan showed that it can be fun and used in real world situations.

It was a big surprise to me to see a talk like this one in a PHP conference. Although it is a very dense topic, it was really well presented, with nice visualizations and lots of fun.

Definitely agreed with Raul, we do need more talks like this one in conferences! Well done!

Anonymous at 10:29 on 8 Feb 2014

It was nice refresh, but nothing new. Nicely presented.

Great talk to end the day :). Rowan made it entertaining enough to be enjoyable

Really good talk Rowan! The visuals where awesome and the anticipation of a glitch was fun :-P

Awesome! I am now probably dangerously under-informed about search and sort algorithms because Rowan made it so simple to visualize how they work. What a cool talk and if it were given by anyone else at the end of the day I would have fallen asleep.

Great talk Rowan. We need more talks of this kind at conferences, so please conference organisers, listen to the commenters here :)

Very nicely presented, and I agree with some other commenters on twitter that we do need more 'basic algorithm' classes at our conferences since so many people in the PHP community didn't get their start as CS majors, so aren't as grounded in the concept.

This was very well presented, and the live examples were good.

Once piece of feedback is that the live examples were a little hard to follow, as they were presented. Since as it went step-to-step there wasn't as much of a visual to show exactly what happened. If somehow there could be lines showing the swaps that happened more clearly, and/or even a more video-like display, that shows the items visually swapping, that could make it even better. But as it stands, it's great.

(Oh, and having the bubble sort go bottom up, was awkward)

I enjoyed this talk a lot. I'd covered sorting in my CS classes, but the dry theory approach never really stuck with me. The visual models were excellent and really helped to communicate the concepts well.

Very concise, very cool. Thanks!

Hard core nerd stuff. :) Thank you, Rowan.

Anonymous at 18:19 on 15 Feb 2014

Great talk. I noticed one comparison toward the end where it wasn't pointed out that a particular algorithm required presorted input, but otherwise, it was a pleasantly nostalgic review of material I'd learned from university.