Browser Eyeballing != Javascript Testing


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Great tips through the talk. A focus on Qunit and on how you should write javascript functions to allow testing.

So far my favorite talk of the conference. Thanks for the insights gleaned from your experience testing javascript.

My favourite too! A real eye-opener!

Thanks for attending folks! The slides are up (see the description above).

Great information on how to make JavaScript more testable so it can be at point that is just as easy to test clientside code as it is to test your server side stuff.

The talk was not very fast paced, but it flowed so well that the 45 minutes felt more like 10.

Perfect presentation style and delivery. I think that the topic was a bit overwhelming for some folks but was sufficiently baby-stepped so that any php dev could get something out of this talk.

Great information, and well-laid-out. Bonus points for being opinionated and having reasons behind that opinion.

great information!

I already test the heck out of my PHP code but haven't done much with Javascript yet, so this was very informative.

I was also very pleased to see that I wasn't the only one who thought Coffeescript was an abomination. :)