Development, By The Numbers


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Fantastic talk!

Excellent talk, it gave me a lot of good pointers.

Excellent talk. Great delivery and interesting information. Did I miss it or did you say what Sebastian fixed after hearing your talk?

Excellent talk. Great delivery and interesting information. Did I miss it or did you say what Sebastian fixed after hearing your talk?

Very great and entertaining talk. As I am currently in the process of getting Sonar setup for a large project, it was great to get some insight into what we have to look forward to.

Add usual Anthony delivered a excellent presentation. Well researched and thorough.

I really enjoyed this talk. It was delivered extremely well, the material was clear, and the content was relevant. If you give it again I would preempt the question from the audience about "why are you telling us not to use these numbers?". I understood what you were going for (using them as one of many data points) but I could see people getting confused. Might be worth adding a slide to that effect earlier in the presentation.

Great job pointing out how all these metrics can both be useful and useless depending on how they are used.


I forgot to mention it. Sebastian added support for phploc to track git repositories over time. So the custom script that I had written would no longer be needed to compute the stats that I did. All within about 12 hours of me finishing the talk.

Really nice talk. To improve the presentation I would add Laravel to the stats and maybe spend less time in measuring the space that we would need to save the tests, it's funny but could be speed up and be used to introduce another concepts. Anyway, great job.

Very nice talk. I specially liked the message about not getting obsessed by numbers but to always keep an eye on them because they are actually telling us a story. Well done. CanĀ“t wait to see the new experiment that was mentioned by the end of the talk!

Superb demonstration of gathering application metrics. I look forward to hearing more about the service / tool that's being built to mine GitHub data. Only downside was a lack of examples for how to use metrics and some best practices about communicating metrics within an organization.

Such an amazing talk. The pace was perfect and the content/examples used with the metrics was spot on. I'm not sure you can make this talk any better. Great Job!

Numbers can be boring, but when they become metrics that tell a story it gets really exciting. I really like what Anthony did comparing metrics on some popular open source projects and look forward to his continued work in this area.

Great talk! Looking forward to the blog post with newer numbers.

This talk let me a lot to think in how we doing development and most of the time we don't care about some little numbers right :), awesome talk !

Interest and insightful information delivered very effectively. Great job!

Great talk and should be a requirement for all PHP coders

*Amazing* talk. I genuinely learned more in this hour than I have at my last 3 conferences combined.

This was such a great (and important) talk for me also, and I'm so glad I picked to attend it. I'm the "CI guy" at work, and always have trouble explaining to the rest of the team what the heck those graphs and metrics all mean in Jenkins. Now I feel better equipped to understand it myself and share the knowledge.

Thank you, Anthony. Great useful information.

Great stuff! I knew a bit about code metrics going into this but now I'm armed with a lot more knowledge that I can use to assess quality in my new work. Thanks!