Advanced Git Skills


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Very good tips & tricks.
Nice tutorial excercises.

Lorna Jane is an amazing presenter! She's fun and funny and explains complex concepts in really simple, easy to understand terms! I came to better understand the git commands I was already using and got to learn new tricks as well!

Excellent talk. A little fast at the end due to time running short, but I really learned a lot. Lorna's speaking style is excellent.

Very good tutorial, lot of content well explained and very useful things to work with git

Anonymous at 12:04 on 5 Feb 2015

Great talk and speaker.

Good presentation, lots of really good information. I feel much better about git today than I did before this tutorial.

Great Tutorial! I have learned a very good tricks.

Lorna knows how to deliver. She teaches in her own charming, personal way. And she knows her stuff, no matter what question is fired at her, she has a reply ready exceeding any expectations. I feel privileged to have attended her workshop as many blanks were filled, even the blanks I didn't knew I had.

A great tutorial, thank you!

Really good tricks. Was the first time for me with GIT

Wow, such useful, much git

Great talk! I learned a lot.

git add -p = trip worth it.

great talk and useful.

Great talk!! Very informative.

Great workshop that showed how to deal with branches, conflicts, collaborative coding and even debugging in git repos

Thanks to Lorna for bringing her expertise and generous teaching style to Miami. The hands-on exercises, with feedback from Lorna, helped me see the correct way to do even "basic" tasks with Git.

Lots of good nuggets.

Very informative. Thanks very much.

Highly informative presentation and Lorna is an excellent presenter.

Very good examples and exercises

Thanks Lorna great talk i love the interactive way you conduct the talk and btw thanks for Git bisect !! :D that was amazing.

Great workshop!