Catching Opportunities with Open Source


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Anonymous at 13:02 on 21 Oct 2011

It was a very interesting and entertaining talk, apart from the tech talk of the other speakers of the day.

Anonymous at 13:02 on 21 Oct 2011

Qr Codes ftw

Anonymous at 13:06 on 21 Oct 2011

a lot of "shitload". Great talk though. Very motivating

Interesting. Might help myself to be more vocal.

Great talk which showed how simple it is to contribute to oss projects.

Very interesting and insightful talk. Full of practical tips & tricks how to prosper in the open source community.

Anonymous at 13:51 on 21 Oct 2011

Inspirational and I found it very entertaining. I have contributed to some open source howtos a long time ago. I will speak to my boss about open sourcing the current project, using the arguments from this talk.

Thanks for the inspiring talk. In the benefits for corporations section, you mainly talked about benefits of USING OSS rather than contributing, would have liked to hear more about actual reasons for companies to open-source their code (and monetize on services/support/commercial licensing models)

Great talk and very interesting!

Awesome talk guys. Keep spreading the Symfony Community love around you :)

Anonymous at 14:39 on 21 Oct 2011

Great and very interresting talk, nice to have theory with real examples together, thanks!

Really, the best talk of the day until now. I will be a little less afraid to contribute, maybe starting on the documentation.

Great Talk. Maybe the best prepared at sfdaycgn. Great solides too

Highly inspirational talk. Really fresh and illuminating :-)

Anonymous at 16:23 on 21 Oct 2011

very encourageing and inspireing talk, great pictures. I enjoyed to hear about your experiences.

Motivating talk with a lot of shitloads ;)

Amazing talk. Wasn't expect such talk on open source people and communities.

Awesome talk, I loved the format. You guys should do this again some time!

very motivating and entertaining talk for me. i think your positive experience makes it easier to be active in the open source community with little steps.
but i missed some objective words about possible negative sides especially for companies. i think there are still a lot prejudices in companies to not share code with the open source community. may be you would have the right arguments to convince them.
btw great slides. thanks!

For the context of a symfony day that was a needless talk.
Should be hold at a general FOSS conference.

But the speakers did a very passionated talk!

Very professionally executed. You are both excellent speakers, talking time to drive your points home with well founded arguments.

Personally I don't much like promoting open source on the basis of personal gain. Of course that's an aspect of contributing but I would have liked a dash more community and global perspective of the benefits.

Like your very inspirational introduction!

I really liked your joint talk. It was both, well presented and very good elaborated.
There were a few aspects in contributing to opensource, that I didn't not know before.

Probably the talk on the symfonyDay. Very inspiring and entertaining.

Now I just have to manage not to try every good point made in the talk at once ;-)

I think the slides with just a punchline and a well matching image and you two feeding each other lines, worked out very well.

Very interesting and inspiring.

So inspiring. Removed a lot of the perceived barriers to contributing - you don't have to be Fabien Potencier to contribute something of value. It was also an eye opener into why and how it's important. Both Stefan & Christian are excellent speakers as well, and the two of them worked together really well. Really enjoyed it.

Everyone can talk about the advantages of contributing to OS projects. It takes good speakers to make it seem fun, exciting and sexy. And Stefan and Christian did just that. Engaging talk, shitloads of humor, in depth exploration of the subject, and it showed many facets about the whole OS thing I hadn't thought about yet.
I'm trying hard to find anything that was wrong with this talk, but there just isn't any. Thanks guys!

I really enjoyed this talk! Not boring at all, very inspiring.

Inspiring talk but could be a little shorter

When presentation slides consist mainly of captioned photos, it really puts on the onus on the speaker to express the content - this can be disastrous or, as in this case, magnificent.

Stefan and Christian had great harmony in juggling the topics and I think this talk rivaled Fabien's keynote in capturing the audience's attention.

Kudo's to both speakers for inadvertently starting the #shitload meme.

I wasn't really sure what to expect from this talk and I think you did a great job covering all the bases on the topic. Generally I am a big fan of the speaker duo approach. Its a pitty that many conferences discourage this because it obviously costs them a bit extra to accommodate two speakers.

Although Stefan, and even more so, Christian are good speakers and Christian's opening monologue about Germany vs England was very interesting, I didn't like the talk. Maybe it's a Dutch thing, but I a don't enjoy pretentious talks.
I think the underlying idea was good - how you and/or your company can benefit from embracing Open Source - the execution for me was a bit unpleasant.
Again it's probably the Dutch "Doe maar gewoon, dan doe je al gek genoeg" mentality (literally: "Just act normal, then you're acting crazy enough as it is"), but maybe next time you can talk about each other's accomplishments.
In my opinion It should have been more about The Community = Us and less about you guys.

Anonymous at 08:28 on 27 Oct 2011

You convinced me to leave the dark side an com into the light. ;-) It was a eyeopener and I will contribute, the one way, or another. Many thx and the talk itself was very fluently and encouraging.