Silex - Symfony goes micro


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I do have a pretty good view about its features and possibilities now. It would be nice to have an overview of its impossibilities/disadvantages compared to symfony as well...

Great overview ;)

The next project I will do will be on Silex! Excelent leverage of theory and practical approach in this talk. Just perfect.

Check out the slides:

Anonymous at 13:45 on 21 Oct 2011

Very informative. Looking forward to working with it, possibly to implement an API as suggested.

Thanks for this perfect overview of the capabilities of Silex. I already have a use case were this comes in handy.

Nice overview of the Silex microframework :)

Great Talk. Easy to follow and inspiring

Excellent overview of Silex. After my recent experience with Silex, I was especially interested to see what you had to say, and I learned a couple of new things while listening. Thanks

I learned pretty much things about Silex. Thanks!

I'm very well informed concerning Silex now. You could have stayed on the funny slides a little longer ;-)

I Found some minor mistiges on your slides (just in case you want to hold this talk again):
* On the second REST slice It should probably also read '/posts/{id}' on the delete route
* and /messages on the post route on the next slide

Very interesting overview of Silex. Thanks.

very good introduction to silex and an easy to follow talk. thanks.

Thanks for this overview, next thing to test for a small project.

Anonymous at 12:44 on 22 Oct 2011

Great overview! Good speech!

Great overview! Good speech!

Good energy and well structured information. It was really inspirational and I can't think of anything you didn't cover, without going into too much detail.

It would have been interesting to hear more real world examples of when to use Silex and when not to.

Very interesting talk, good structured and informative. Especially the use cases of Silex were useful and I'd love to use it for a REST API :)

Good speech, but even after this i will not become a big fan of microframeworks.

Even though I've been working with Silex quite a bit by now there was enough in this talk I could learn. Nice one!

Anonymous at 14:26 on 23 Oct 2011

I'd not really bothered to look too hard at Silex, but that will change now. I'm familiar with Sinatra, but I'm more familiar with PHP, and I'm beginning to understand Symfony2 much better now too, so this fills in a lot of gaps for me.

It's a super example of how Symfony2's components can be abstracted and used to build something really useful. It was also great to hear everyone chatting furiously on how they could use it in a real world project immediately after.

Igor had a good style, and his obvious enthusiasm is infectious.

Good talk, very clear and very enthusiastic. Good code examples, really looking forward to check out silex.

A clear and easy to follow talk with some good examples.

Even with some Silex apps under my belt, presentation kept my interest. I appreciated the focus given to explaining Pimple and closures in general, as those are vital to understanding Silex itself.

Solid presentation, especially given that this was your first talk it was very fluent and you presented with much energy. I also agree that it was a good decision to explain closures as their use is not widely known enough yet in the PHP world.