Domain NoSQL: Next Generation Play-Doh


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I really enjoyed this and learned a lot. Good code samples and examples. I'd like to even see more strategies about implementing a service-layer approach, but I think that's a different talk. Great job!

Great content and ideas as always. Agree with previous poster - would love to see some longer tutorials on domain and service layer strategies, theories, etc. Excellent presentation!

Great talk. I always advocate separating the business logic from the storage engine to my team and this added some great ammunition. Learned a few new things about the NoSQL database products too.

Good high level overview of domain modelling. Interesting to learn the similarities and differences when using a "NoSQL" database vs a RDBMS.

Would like to see more details on the process of how to decide what goes in the server layer and what goes in the model layer and why.

I appreciate that Matthew is evangelizing domain modeling, and he's making these concepts very accessible for all developers by showing the benefits in a practical way. Well done!

Very thought-provoking, and very understandable.

Great talk to see although these aren't technologies that am currently using. I got a good feel for how I would fit these into my existing MVC application and will be referring to the slides when I get there.

One of the many sessions that really got my interested in learning more about the various document-oriented databases that are getting more popular in a hurry. Sparked my interest in learning more.