Talk comments

Great, entertaining talk by Katie going into the nuances and experiences of working on a monionlith. Relatable comparisons with gardening work and code projects helped give a different perspective on how to deal with code bases.

Good talk going into incident response. Good principles and guidelines to follow. As a Developer who often responds to incidents, it was a good talk to attend and get different perspectives on how to best respond to incidents.

Great talk to finish off the DutchPHP Conference. Michelle was real and personal, making this talk really influence me and motivate me to help out in the PHP community more. Thanks for a good closing keynote!

Florian did a great technical on how to log and how to implement it. Had good takeaways on how to improve how I'm leveraging logging, which I've been able to take away and implement already. Good talk!

James Titcumb at 09:04 on 22 Mar 2024

A great motivation for some introspection, to think how we act and whether we really do welcome people into the community, and how we could improve. A very heartfelt and thought provoking keynote, thank you for sharing your journey with us.

Ewald Börger at 21:57 on 21 Mar 2024

Learned more about Gary than about the topic of the talk 🙂
But it was entertaining and recognizable.

Rodi de Boer at 11:14 on 21 Mar 2024

Thanks for opening up and sharing your horrible experiences. That took courage.

This kind of talk/keynote was just not for me.

Rodi de Boer at 11:11 on 21 Mar 2024

Great stuff and most funny / humorous part of the whole conference. I loved the witty comments. And there was quite some substance (knowledge/information) too.

Great talk.

Rodi de Boer at 11:10 on 21 Mar 2024

Why and how to contribute to open source from a business standpoint.
Well presented. Nice talk.

Rodi de Boer at 11:09 on 21 Mar 2024

Talk was a bit rushed and chaotic; speaker sometimes did not know what was on the slide or where he was in the presentation.

Info was good, nice kind of journey from what and why you want something like this and how you get to the end point and then showing that the end point is actually the PSR-20 interface in disguise.

Just could've been better presented.