VueDay is the very first international conference about Vue in Italy. The conference is organized by GrUSP, the organizers of jsDay, with the aim to bring together the best speakers and stories about one of the fastest growing frontend frameworks.

Friday 12th April 2019

Vuenited we stand
Keynote by Darek 'Gusto' Wedrychowski in Main Track (45 minutes)

2019 may be the year of the biggest updates around all the Vue.js stack - not only core Vue libraries but the transition of the whole ecosystem and community in general. What direction will the wind of change blow? Let's discuss how we're going to use Vue.js from now on and showcase both the most awaited and those less known innovations.

10:50 Vuex Modules in practice
Talk by Geiseany Domiciano Bispo de Almeida in Main Track (30 minutes)

When building complex applications the management of the single state tree can be very tricky and difficult to maintain. The use of Vuex Modules will help you to keep your code concise and have a clear separation of the application's state facilitating the maintainability and organisation of the code.

11:45 Nuxt.js - Why? How? Oh yeah!
Talk by Alexander Lichter in Main Track (45 minutes)

Nuxt.js - You probably have heard the name of the Vue.js framework at least once. Maybe when a fellow colleague gave it a try, or when you saw it on the GitHub report as 4th fastest growing open source project in 2018. But as a smart developer, you're skeptical: Why would I need another framework that even sits on top of *another* one? What is this SSR everyone is talking about? What problems would Nuxt solve for me and how to get started? During my talk, all these questions (and many more) will be answered. Join an introduction to Nuxt.js and experience it with no previous knowledge needed besides Vue.

Getting started with nuxt.js + static sites
Talk by Debbie O'Brien in Main Track (30 minutes)

Did you know nuxt.js can pre render all your pages so you can easily create static sites using the Vue.js framework. That means you have a Single Page Application without the need of a server and with great SEO and that's just a few of the benefits of using nuxt.js. In this talk I will take you through how I setup nuxt with all the extras I normally add to create a great boilerplate project configured to my liking. I will also show you how easy it is to generate static pages, create pre commit hooks and deploy.

14:30 Vue your Media with Accessibility (m16y)
Talk by Maya Shavin in Main Track (30 minutes)

How do you, as developers, handle medias to offer good UX to visual impairments at minimal extra code and complexity? That’s what my talk about. It will focus on a CSS/JS-less developing approach to achieve full accessibility support with real time media manipulation, and keep the process fun. Demo used in talk: 1. Dark mode: 2. Contrast: 3. Color blind Support:

15:05 A taste of hardware connectivity on the web with Vue
Talk by Majid Hajian in Main Track (45 minutes)

The browsers can actually take control of physical devices in the real world like lightbulbs, robots and even drones by providing new web standard hardware connectivity APIs such as WebBluetooth, WebUSB, NFC and etc. On the other hand, Progressive web apps opens a new era to build a web application that works offline and resemble a native application. Hence, everyday we are getting closer to run a web app only on browsers that doesn't need to be install from any app store and it will take control of hardwares around us. In this session, I am going through some of the web capabilities to connect devices into a progressive web app which has been build but Vue.js and show how web could go beyond the browsers and take control of our devices around us.

16:15 Refactor legacy code, Vue that was easy!
Talk by Nicolo Maria Mezzopera in Main Track (45 minutes)

Strategies, tips and examples on how to convert legacy codebase to Vue.js and being able to preserve the old working code in some areas of your website. Coexistence between legacy code and Vue.js code can be achieved in a stable and reliable way opening up a path to a gradual rewrite.

17:05 Vue at Scale for L'Oréal
Talk by Tim Benniks in Main Track (45 minutes)

Talk about the biggest Vue implementation in production globally. The L'Oréal website factory program is a new organization of L’Oréal's digital landscape. Vue is a key component for over 800 L'Oréal websites for global market leaders like Kerastase, Garnier and L'Oréal Paris. In this talk I show how we use Vue at scale and how we can maintain a reusable codebase for all websites.

Saturday 13th April 2019

Creare un applicativo gestionale con Vue e Vuetify
Workshop by Gianfranco Castro in Main Track (9 hour)

In questo workshop vedremo come progettare e creare un applicativo gestionale con Vue e Vuetify come framework per la UI/UX, sfruttando Material Design e ponendo le basi per un funzionamento responsive e mobile-first: esploreremo le best practice su come progettare le interfacce, organizzare il codice, eseguire i test in modo organizzato e automatico. Quindi si analizzerà come gestire i layout, i menu di navigazione, gestire form e i vari controlli di input; particolare attenzione verrà posta alla visualizzazione di dati tabellari, eseguire paginazioni e recupero di dati server-side.