Talk comments

Anonymous at 20:22 on 29 Nov 2015

10% useful, and the rest was an add for the company. Shame, because the idea behind the talk was interesting...

Well executed, helpful content worthy of reflection at a later point.

I liked this talk especially since it tackles "problems" which arise after the site is "finished" or live. By testing different ideas, call-to-actions and approaches you'll be able to make informed decisions about what works best for your site and your users. Once you have the metrics, you can use e.g. Excel to find patterns that could improve overall site experience. Definitely watch the video when it's live.

Emanuel is my brother so I'm probably subjective. :)

His talk was targeted at both clients and developers/designers who often disregard user experience by building visually stunning pages using different effects like parallax or hijack scrolling which can make the whole site slow and hard to use. If you love your users, think about the performance. As a designer/developer, educate your clients, let them know why e.g. loading speed is important but be willing to compromise on some levels if that will benefit users.

You have to start somewhere. Sharing knowledge is important and so is public talking. You don't have to talk at conferences, but start to share your experience on meetups or smaller events. Inspiring talk.

Very good talk with lots of first–hand experience and comparison of different services and approaches. I'd say it's a must see (video) for small teams who build websites and apps for 6+ digit number of users.

Excellent talk. Many great examples and ideas for thinking about UX strategy.