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Sorry forgot to login, the long comment before was by me :P

Anonymous at 14:25 on 15 Apr 2013

Day 1,

Open air keynote:
At first I was very skeptic to a keynote outside, but it didn't rain and the place for it, wow, so beautiful outside of the scottish parlament with Joe in his kilt. The keynote speaker didn't arrive but Joe was handling it all and talking last minute delivering a great joenote before we all went on busses to head out to Airth Castle.

Arrival to the castle:
When we arrived we got to drop off our luggage in the boardroom and went for lunch which was amazing. I told one member of staff of my allergy and everyone knew of it handling it with professionalism and extreme care, this is the best treatment I ever had regarding my allergy.

The talks were amazing and I couldn't have asked for better content.

Again, impressed by the professionalism of the staff, also dinner was really tasty! :)

After dinner there was whisky master class, this year I didn't enjoy it quite as much as last year. Last year they really teached us a lot about pita and different casks, colour, smell etc. while here it was more of a whisky tasting rather than a master class. We got a lot of whisky so can't complain too much, still - For next year make sure there's actually more of a class here because I enjoyed that much more!

Castle history was a nice added bonus! :)

Imagine a lot of geeks "locked in" in a beautiful castle in scotland with free alcohol and a room at hand. This social was AMAZING, I met so many people due to us being so close together and I'm sure everyone had a great time, this really made me talk to some new people that I otherwise probably never would have talked to! So happy I got this oppurtunity and this is what makes whiskyweb an event I will always want to come back to.

Day 2:
I had to leave early for day 2 in the middle of the keynote (which seemed amazing the part I saw). The content was great and the location was also very interesting :)

All in all, whiskyweb is an awesome conference and I can't wait for whiskyweb3, the concept of having it in a castle may not be for everyone, but for everyone that chose to be there due to it, I'm sure all of us had an amazing time so thank you!! :)

Anther incredibly valuable and well run conference by the Edinburgh web community. Thanks all who were involved.